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Coupon Code ENJOY 15% Discount Throughout the Rest of June

Again we  are  in a mood of giving away. Our half-yearly  result is  almost as per our target. But we want to give it a slight extra push to comfortably achieve the annual target. You know why this is important. Because we want to deliver quality and value for our customer and the pace of Read More

New Look of, your preferred data and database resources provider,  wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2014. In this first hour of the new year we have a good news to share with you! New Look of Over the last couple of months we were working on a new look and Read More

Database of Diseases, Disorders and Illnesses – Updated Release

A new version of the product Database of 4000 Diseases, Disorders and Illnesses has been released. The updated release includes a searchable MS Access database (version 2003) in addition to its usual SQL dump and TAB delimited files. The MS Access database will require a run time version of MS Access 2003 (at minimum) which Read More