Generate Backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites to Improve your Search Engine Ranking

World Wide Web is full of social networking sites. Social Bookmarking on these sites can help generate backlinks to your website and contents. It can also drive a lot of traffic to your sites. Here are the steps to get you started.

  • Choose a couple of popular social bookmarking sites
  • Create an account on each of those sites using your email address
  • Compile a list of your content pages carefully optimized
  • Submit to all of the selected social bookmarking sites

The key step here is to have your list of pages optimized for the keywords and phrases. There are free tools on the web to do some keyword researches. Wordtracker and similar may be very costly for most of the start-up webmasters. However, Google Adwords keyword tool is free if you have a Google Adwords account. Google Adwords is usually meant for advertisers. But any webmaster can be potentially a Google Adwords customer at some point in time. So you may want to create an Adwords account to do some keyword researches as well. (I hope Google won’t mind at this piece of advice and it is not against Google’s policy.)

Your content pages must be optimized for keywords you find potentially effective for you. Effective keywords for you are those that have a balance between query frequency and competitions. The keywords that are used more frequent for searching and those results in less number of competitive entries are most effective. The places where you should try to optimize with your content relevant effective keywords and phrases are:

  • The Title of Bookmark
  • Description
  • Tags and
  • URL of your page

The steps above to get you started is that simple. Over the period you will start seeing your pages appearing in Google for the keywords you used to post. And some of your visitors are also coming from the URL bookmarked. But that is not end of the game.

Just that you have now bookmarked some of your content pages to some of the popular social bookmarking sites will not bring you overnight success in terms of backlinks, search engine rankings, visitors and so on. Because there is another dimension to this Game, that is still missing. And that is being Social!

There is nothing social about bookmarking your sites by yourself. Unless users of those social bookmarking sites also bookmark your sites, in other words like your sites and make your links popular, there is little chance to see any success. Social networking sites have their own ranking algorithm based on which they show your links to their users. More popular your links are more visible your link will be to the community and this phenomena will accelerate the growth of your popularity as time passes and Google and other search engines will also start respecting your links and rank you well in their search engine result pages.

Therefore you need visibility and exposure in order to be popular. And you should be popular in order to be visible. This is really a chicken and egg problem.

We have a solution to that problem. We can help you get the seeds of popularity you need to become visible. eBusinessGems services for social bookmarking submission will help you obtain hundreds of votes/likes/bookmarks for your URL from across the globe and from many of the popular social networking sites. Your sites will be professionally bookmarked by many of our partner users across the globe which will help you to gain necessary thrust of becoming “social”.

Avail one of the bookmarking services like 1000 Manual Bookmarkings on Social Media and Networking Sites or you may kick start with 100 Manual Bookmarkings on Social Media and Networking Sites and help break the invisibility-inertia for your URLs – gain the popularity and grow quickly.

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