Does a Ready Made PHP Link Directory Category SQL Dump Help your Web Directory?

If you are a new php link directory owner chances are you will be looking for a good phpld category sql dump to start off quickly. Is this a bad idea? Like many of the frequent activities, including SEO, in which webmasters gets involved; this issue can also be debated.

Creating the category structure of your directory from scratch is not only a time consuming task but also an error prone process. Building a good category structure requires in-depth knowledge about organizing online businesses or resources. Starting with a readily available and well designed category dump is always quicker.

How much time will you need to manually build a good directory structure? If you need on average 45 seconds to think about the name and organization of the category (assuming you have the required expertise and speed of thought) and 15 seconds to create the category then you will require about 10 hours to create a modest directory structure having 600 categories. Directories usually have 800 to 8000 categories. An 8000 categories would require more than 15 working days of continuous efforts to build it. On the other hand to build it from a sql dump would require 15 minutes at best.

Does Similar Categories mean Duplicate Content?

However, often the idea of a ready made phpld category sql dump for your directory structure is compared with duplicate content. The issue here is there can be many other directories with the same directory structure. And in the eyes of search engines those may be treated as having duplicate content. First of all a common directory structure does not necessarily mean that the directories will contain the same set of listings in the same order so as to appear as duplicate content to search engine unless you copy the submissions from an existing directory. Also having a common directory path is not too much of an issue if you can spend a few minutes to rename or rephrase high level categories. Rephrasing the top level (usually 20 to 40) category names would make your directory unique. If can spend more time you can even change the category names for another level.

If you know some sql (chances are high for webmasters) you can even create your very unique directory on the web with little effort using a very common sql category dump.

Is Big Category list Bad?
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Well yes, here is a point. Having too many categories with empty listing may look bad to a visitor. It is the case with every new web directory though. Arguably, it may be bad to a search engine also. What if you have SQL dump to build your category structure one level at a time? So you create one or two levels of directory structure first. Wait for some time to get some submissions. Then create another level of sub-categories and so on.

If you want to own an online directory business starting with a ready made category sql dump is a good choice if you know what you are doing. Build your directory fast with the most popular php link directory script. Tweak it later on if you want too. Set up search engine friendly URL for your pages. Obtain some back linking from social media, blogs, and articles and so on. You are up and running with a steady flow of visitors and submissions to capitalize on.