Active Links CheckerActiveLinks is an website URL checker utility from It visits a list of loaded URLs and identify those URLs which are active. This simple yet powerful functionality is very helpful for webmasters and SEO professionals who are dealing with online marketing especially website submission and promotion.


If you have not downloaded ActiveLinks yet, please Download ActiveLinks now, it is a Freeware. Just unzip the file. To run it, double click on ActiveLinks.exe file. You need .NET framework 2.0 or later installed in your Windows PC.


You can load the supplied “testurl.txt” file in ActiveLinks for testing the sample URLs. Using ActiveLinks is just 1-2-3 🙂 Well, that means, effectively using ActiveLinks requires 3 simple steps to follow:

1) Click on [Load..] button >> Upload your own list of URLs
2) Click on [Start] button >> Start checking loaded URLs
3) Click on [Save to File..] >> Save the valid URLs to a different file.

ActiveLinks URL Checker
ActiveLinks URL Checker Main Window - Checking in Progress


This short video is to demonstrate how to use “ActiveLinks URL checker”.


ActiveLinks URL Checker is also available for Free Downloading from Please click on the download link to get your copy now:

Get it from CNET!


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