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Collection of 62,000+ Classic Proverbs and Sayings

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Collection of 62,000+ Classic Proverbs and Sayings

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This is a comprehensive collection of 62,000+ classic proverbs and sayings. There are proverbs from 350+ geographic or ethnic origins in the database.
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Proverbs and maxims are words of wisdom, like the English proverbs 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' and 'A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush'. They are simple sayings and brief life quotes by the wise people from the ages. Proverbs have a tendency to leave an lasting impression in the minds of the reader. For people who seek inspirational quotes and motivational sayings, these are worthy enough to be etched in the mind or tattooed in the hearts forever. Here is a collection of many famous and classical proverbs from across the world, for you to read and cherish and enjoy them forever, because they have a tendency to stay evergreen, each time you read them. This is a comprehensive collection of 62,000+ classic proverbs and sayings. There are proverbs from 350+ geographic or ethnic origins in the database. The list is the largest and unique collection of this kind on the web.



The "collection of classic proverbs and sayings" database has the following information fields:
  1. Origin: Origin or source of the proverb or saying.
  2. Proverb: The proverb or saying.


Additional Information

File Format CSV File
Format Details The data is in comma delimitted (CSV) format suitable for exporting in an excel spreadsheet or in a database such as MS Access or MySql. The data is ready to be published on your content web site or application. Additional format such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access database format is available on request. Please send your request to [email protected]
Total Records This is a comprehensive collection of 62,000+ classic proverbs and sayings. There are proverbs from 350+ geographic or ethnic origins in the database. The list is the largest and unique collection of this kind on the web.
Keywords proverbs, sayings, words, wisdom, classic
Key Phrases Afghan, African (Annang), African (Swahili), African (Wolof), African (Zulu), African American, African Annang, African Ovambo, African, African Swahili, African Wolof, African Zulu, African( Ovambo), African-America, Akan, Albanian, American, American, Dutch, Amharic, Amish, Ancient, Arab, Arabian, Arabian, quoted by Bulwer-Lytton, Arabic, Arabic, Dutch, Argentine, Argentinean, Armenian, Army, Ashanti, Asturian, Australian Aboriginal, Azerbaijani, Baguirmi, Balinese, Bantu, Basque, Bedouin, Belgian, Belizean, Bemba, Bengal, Bengali, Benjamin Franklin, Berber, Biblical, Black, Bosnian, Boy Scout Motto, Brazilian, British, Bugandan, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cambodian, Cameroonian, Catalan, Chinese, Chinese, Dutch, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Colombian, Confucian, Confucius, Congolese, Congolese, French, Cowboy, Creole, Czech, Czechoslovakian, Dakotan, Danish, Danish, Dutch, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, German, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, English, Danish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Danish, English, German, Danish, French, Danish, French, German, Danish, French, German, Spanish, Danish, French, Italian, Danish, German, Danish, Italian, Danish, Spanish, Darkovan, Dutch, Dutch, English, French, Dutch, French, Dutch, French, German, Dutch, French, German, Beaumont, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Dutch, German, Italian, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Dutch, Irish, Dutch, Italian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Spanish, Ecuadoran, Egyptian, English, English, French, English, German, English, Italian, English, Portuguese, English; Italian, epigram on Butler, epitaph on Fair Rosamund, Eskimo, Estonian, Ethiopian, European, Fiji, Fijian, Filipino, Finnish, Flemish, French Foreign Legion, French, French Sundial Motto, French, German, French, German, Italian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Spanish, French, Italian, French, Italian, Portuguese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, French, quoted by Lord Chesterfield, French, Romanian, French, Spanish, from Fuller's "Gnomologica", Gaelic, Galician, Gambian, Genoese, Georgian, German, German, Italian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Spanish, Ghanaian, Giryama, Goan, Greek, Guatemala, Guatemalan, Guinean, Gypsy, Haida, Haitian, Hasidic, Hausa, Hawaiian, Haya, Hebrew, Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan, Hindustani, Hopi, Hungarian, Ibo, Icelandic, Igbo, India, Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Irish, Islamic, Italain, Italian, Italian, Portuguese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Spanish, Jabo, Jamaican, Japanese, Jewish, Kashmir, Kashmiri, Kenya, Kenyan, Kikuyu [Kenyan], Kikuyu, Klingon, Korean, Kurdish, Lancastrian, Laotian, Latin, Latin, Danish, Latin, Danish, Dutch, Latin, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Latin, Dutch, German, Latin, French, Latin, French, German, Italian, Latin, French, Portuguese, Latin, German, Latin, German, Spanish, Latin, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Latvian, Lebanese, Legal Maxim, Legal, Liberian, Lithuanian, Lybian, Maaori, Madagascari, Madagasy, Malabar, Malagasy, Malay, Malayan, Malaysian, Malian, Maltese, Mannar, Maori, Martinican, Massai, Medical, Mexican, Miscellaneous, Montenegro, Moorish, Moroccan, Myanmar, Namibian, Native American Anishinabe, Native American Blackfoot, Native American Minquass, Native American Navajo, Native American Nez Perce, Native American Pima, Native American, Native American Sioux, Native American Tuscarora, Native American Zuni, Navaho, Navajo, Nepal, New England, Nigerian, North American, Norwegian, Okinawian, Oriental, Ovambo, Palestinian, Pampango, Persian, Philippine, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese, Galician, Portuguese, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Puritan, Roman, Roman, Italian, Romanian, Romanian, Italian, Rumanian, Runmanian, Russian, Rwandan, Samoan, Samurai, Sanskrit, Saudi, Savoyard, Scandanavian, Scotch, Scottish, Scotts, Senegalese, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Shan, Sicilian, Sierra Leonean, Singhalese, Sinhala, Slovakian, Slovenian, Somalian, South African, Spanish, Spanish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Sudanese, Sufi, Sumerian, Surinam, Suyin, Swahili, Swedish, Sweedish, Swiss, Tadjik, Tamil, Tanzania, Tanzanian, Tao, Taoist, Texan, Thonga, Tibetan, Turkish, Ugandan, Ukrainian, Ukranian, Unknown, Uruguayan, Venezuelan, Vermont, Vietnamese, Vulcan, Welsh, West African, West Indian, Yemen, Yiddish, Yiddish, Italian, Yoruba, Yoruban, Yugoslav, Yugoslavian, Zaire, Zambian, Zen, Zimbabwean, Zulu
Specific Terms and Condition Unauthorized copying, distribution and use of this product is strictly prohibited. You can purchase and download this product from If you find this product being distributed from any other store, please immediately inform [email protected]. Thank you.



The following table summarizes the count of proverbs from the 100+ major origins out of 350+ available.

Major Origin Count
Origin Count
Afghan Proverbs 267
African Proverbs 2116
Albanian Proverbs 50
American Proverbs 1754
Arabian Proverbs 1346
Armenian Proverbs 80
Ashanti Proverbs 50
Asian-Indian Proverbs 111
Azerbaijani Proverbs 57
Bajan Proverbs 253
Bantu Proverbs 76
Bengali Proverbs 62
British Proverbs 582
Bulgarian Proverbs 202
Burmese Proverbs 81
Cameroonian Proverbs 61
Chinese Proverbs 2490
Congolese Proverbs 75
Corsican Proverbs 345
Creole Proverbs 55
Czech Proverbs 148
Danish Proverbs 2720
Darkovan Proverbs 252
Dutch Proverbs 2331
Dutch, German Proverbs 54
Egyptian Proverbs 179
English Proverbs 1857
Estonian Proverbs 204
Ethiopian Proverbs 217
Faroese Proverbs 75
Filipino Proverbs 100
Finnish Proverbs 192
French Proverbs 3659
Gaelic Proverbs 83
Georgian Proverbs 59
German Proverbs 3867
Ghanaian Proverbs 164
Greek Proverbs 342
Gypsy Proverbs 66
Haitian Proverbs 107
Hawaiian Proverbs 60
Hebrew Proverbs 376
Hindu Proverbs 54
Hungarian Proverbs 839
Icelandic Proverbs 121
Igbo Proverbs 80
Indian Proverbs 334
Indonesian Proverbs 117
Irish Proverbs 1134
Italian Proverbs 3476
Jamaican Proverbs 231
Japanese Proverbs 892
Jewish Proverbs 181
Kashmiri Proverbs 159
Kenyan Proverbs 72
Kikuyu Proverbs 282
Klingon Proverbs 246
Korean Proverbs 92
Kurdish Proverbs 183
Latin Proverbs 3969
Lebanese Proverbs 77
Lithuanian Proverbs 52
Malagasy Proverbs 150
Malawian Proverbs 63
Malay Proverbs 55
Maltese Proverbs 145
Manx Proverbs 68
Mexican Proverbs 303
Moroccan Proverbs 197
Myanmaran Proverbs 52
Namibian Proverbs 50
Native American Proverbs 86
Nigerian Proverbs 118
Norse Proverbs 63
Norwegian Proverbs 107
Palestinian Proverbs 68
Persian Proverbs 428
Polish Proverbs 279
Portuguese Proverbs 1607
Portuguese, Spanish Proverbs 76
Romanian Proverbs 1856
Russian Proverbs 1190
Scotch Proverbs 843
Scottish Gaelic Proverbs 73
Scottish Proverbs 1432
Senegalese Proverbs 74
Serbian Proverbs 74
Sicilian Proverbs 1251
Somali Proverbs 77
South African Proverbs 63
Spanish Proverbs 3628
Swahili Proverbs 447
Swedish Proverbs 421
Thai Proverbs 88
Tibetan Proverbs 105
Traditional Proverbs 828
Turkish Proverbs 530
Ugandan Proverbs 61
Ukrainian Proverbs 57
Vietnamese Proverbs 137
Welsh Proverbs 143
Xhosa Proverbs 54
Yiddish Proverbs 688
Yoruba Proverbs 64
Yugoslavian Proverbs 51



Data Example:
Origin Proverb
Afghan A little water is a sea to an ant.
African He who talks incessantly, talks nonsense.
African When elephants fight, it is the grass who suffers.
American Good fences make good neighbors.
American I'd rather have them say "There he goes" than "Here he lies.".
American Never miss a good chance to shut up.
American Pain is forgotten where gain comes.
Arabian Examine what is said, not him who speaks.
Arabian Trust in God, but tie your camel.
Chinese Learning is treasure no thief can touch.
Danish Every fool thinks he is clever enough.
Dutch When the dog is down, every one is ready to bite him.
English Actions speak louder than words.
French He who chooses takes the worst.
German The one-eyed is a king among the blind.
Latin Wisdom does not consist in dress.
Indian A pearl is worthless as long as it is still in its shell.
Indian A thief is a thief, whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber.
Indian Better lie than gossip.
Japanese The eyes are the mirror of the soul.


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