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Collection of 180,000+ Famous Quotations

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Collection of 180,000+ Famous Quotations

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This is a comprehensive Collection of 180,000+ Famous Quotations.
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Quotations are words of wisdom. They are simple sayings and brief life quotes by the wise people from the ages. Quotations have a tendency to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the reader. For people who seek inspirational quotes and motivational sayings, these are worthy enough to be etched in the mind and hearts forever. Here is a collection of many famous and classical quotations by famous people from across the world, for you to read and cherish and enjoy them forever, because they have a tendency to stay evergreen, each time you read them.

This is a comprehensive Collection of 180,000+ Famous Quotations. There are quotations from 15,500+ authors and speakers for about 2000 topics or categories in the database. The list is the largest and unique collection of this kind on the web. The data is in comma delimited CSV format suitable for exporting in an excel spreadsheet or in a database such as MS Access or MySql. The data is also ready to be published on your content web site or application.



Collection of 180,000+ Famous Quotations database has the following information fields:

  1. A2Z: First character of the author or speaker's lastname
  2. LastName: The author or speaker's lastname
  3. Author: The author or speaker's fullname
  4. Profession: The author or speaker's profession
  5. Nationality: The author or speaker's nationality
  6. BirthDate: The author or speaker's date of birth
  7. DeathDate: The author or speaker's date of death (when applicable)
  8. Quote: The author or speaker's quote or saying
  9. Keywords: One or more categories of topic or keywords separated by comma


Additional Information

File Format CSV File, MS Excel 2007 Spread Sheet
Format Details The package contains data in a) comma delimited text file or CSV format and b) Microsoft Excel 2007 (.xlsx) format. Additional format such as other Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access database format is available on request. However, due to the large number of records in the database the MS Excel 2003 spreadsheet would require multiple worksheets to hold all records. When the data is exported into an MS Access database it can be about 64 MB. Please send your request to [email protected]
Total Records 1,80,000+
File Size The text file size when unzipped is about 38 MB and XLSX file size is about 18 MB. The package is downloaded as a ZIP file whcih is approximately 30 MB size.
Additional Info

2000 Quote Topics in the Database:Abhorrence, Ability, Abortion, Absence, Abstinence, Absurdity, Abundance, Abuse, Acceptance, Accident, Accidents, Accomplishment, Accomplishments, Accuracy, Accusations, Achievement, Acquaintance, Act, Acting, Action, Actions, Activism, Actor, Actors, Adaptability, Addiction, Admiration, Adolescence, Adoption, Adultery, Adulthood, Adventure, Adversity, Advertising, Advice, Aesthetics, Affectation, Affection, Affirmation, Affliction, Afghanistan, African, Afterlife, Age, Ageing, Aggression, Agitation, Agreement, Agriculture, Airplanes, Alchemy, Alcohol, Ale, Alienation, Alliance, Altruism, Ambiguity, Ambition, America, American, Americans, Amusement, Anarchy, Ancestry, Anecdotes, Angels, Anger, Animals, Animation, Answers, Anthropology, Anticipation, Ants, Anxiety, Apathy, Aphorisms, Apologies, Apology, Apparel, Appearance, Appetite, Applause, Apples, Appreciation, Approval, April, Architecture, Argument, Arguments, Aristocracy, Arithmetic, Army, Arrogance, Art, Artist, Artists, Aspirations, Assassination, Assertiveness, Astrology, Astronomy, Atheism, Athens, Athletes, Atoms, Attention, Attitude, Audiences, Authority, Authorship, Autobiography, Automobiles, Autumn, Aviation, Awards, Awareness, Babies, Baby, Babyhood, Bachelors, Balance, Ballads, Ballet, Balloons, Bank account, Banks, Bargain, Baseball, Basketball, Battle, Beach, Beauty, Bed, Beds, Beer, Bees, Beetles, Beginning, Beginnings, Behavior, Being, Belgium, Belief, Beliefs, Bells, Benefits, Benevolence, Bereavement, Betrayal, Bible, Bicycles, Bigotry, Biking, Biography, Birds, Birth, Birth control, Birthday, Bitterness, Bizarre, Blame, Blessings, Blind, Blindness, Blood, Blush, Blushes, Boasts, Boats, Body, Boldness, Bombs, Books, Boredom, Borrowing, Boss, Bosses, Boston, Boxing, Boyfriend, Boys, Bragging, Bravery, Brazil, Breeding, Brevity, Bribery, Brooks, Brother, Brotherhood, Brothers, Buddhism, Buddhist, Budgets, Bugs, Building, Burden, Bureaucracy, Burnout, Business, Busyness, Butterflies, Buying, Calamity, Calculations, Calumny, Camping, Canada, canal, Cancer, Candor, Cannibalism, Capitalism, Car, Cards, Care, Career, Careers, Caring, Carnival, Cartoons, Catastrophes, Catholicism, Cats, Cause, Causes, Caution, Celebrity, Celibacy, Censorship, Censure, Ceremony, Certainty, Challenge, Chance, Change, Chaos, Character, Charisma, Charity, Charm, Chastity, Cheating, Cheerfulness, Chess, Chicago, Childhood, Children, Chivalry, Choice, Choices, Christ, Christian, Christianity, Christmas, Church, Churches, Cinema, Circumstance, Circumstances, Cities, Citizenship, Civil liberties, Civil rights, Civilization, Clarity, Class, Classroom, Cleanliness, Cleverness, Cliches, Clients, Climate, Climate change, Clocks, Clothes, Clouds, Clowns, Coach, Coaches, Coaching, Coffee, Collaboration, College, Colors, Columbus, Comedians, Comedy, Comfort, Commanders, Commerce, Commercialism, Commitment, Committee, Common sense, Communication, Communism, Community, Companionship, Company, Comparisons, Compassion, Competence, Competency, Competition, Complaining, Complaint, Complaints, Completion, Complexity, Compliment, Compliments, Composers, Compromise, Computer, Computers, Conceit, Concern, Confession, Confidence, Conflict, Conformity, Confusion, Congress, Connection, Conquest, Conscience, Consciousness, Consequences, Conservation, Conservatism, Conservative, Consideration, Consistency, Constancy, Constitution, Consulting, Contemplation, Contempt, Content, Contention, Contentment, Contracting, Contradiction, Contrast, Control, Controversy, Conventionality, Conversation, Conviction, Cookery, Cooking, Coolness, Cooperation, Corporate, Corporations, Correction, Corruption, Cosmetics, Cosmos, Countries, Country, Country music, Courage, Court, Courtesy, Courtship, Covetousness, Cowardice, Cowards, Cowboys, Cows, Creation, Creativity, Credibility, Credit, Credulity, Cricket, Crime, Crisis, Criticism, Crowds, Crows, Cruelty, Culture, Cunning, Cure, Curiosity, Curriculum, Custom, Customer, Cute, Cynic, Cynicism, Dad, Daffodils, Daisies, Dance, Dancing, Danger, Darkness, Dating, Daughter, Daughters, Dawn, Day, Deals, Death, Debate, Debt, Deceit, December, Decency, Deception, Decision, Decisions, Dedication, Deed, Deeds, Deep, Defeat, Defense, Defiance, Delay, Delight, Delusion, Democracy, Democrats, Denial, Denmark, Dentists, Departure, Dependence, Depression, Deserted, Design, Desire, Despair, Desperation, Destiny, Destruction, Detail, Determination, Determinism, Development, Devil, Devotion, Dew, Diaries, Dictators, Dictatorship, Diet, Dieting, Difference, Difficulties, Difficulty, Dignity, Diligence, Diplomacy, Direction, Disability, Disagreements, Disappointment, Disappointments, Disaster, Disasters, Discipline, Discontent, Discouragement, Discovery, Discretion, Discrimination, Disease, Disgrace, Disguise, Disgust, Dishonesty, Disillusion, Disillusionment, Disney, Disorder, Dissension, Dissent, Distrust, Diversity, Divinity, Divorce, Doctors, Doctrine, Dogs, Doubt, Doves, Draft, Drama, Dream, Dreams, Dress, Drilling, Drinking, Drinks, Driving, Drugs, Dumb, Duty, Dying, Eagles, Earth, Easter, Eating, Eccentricity, Echo, Ecology, Economics, Economy, Ecstasy, Editors, Education, Effect, Efficiency, Effort, Ego, Egotism, Elderly, Elections, Electricity, Elegance, Eloquence, Embarrassment, Emotion, Emotions, Empathy, Employees, Empowerment, Encouragement, Encouraging, End, Ending, Endurance, Enemies, Enemy, Energy, Engineering, England, English, Enjoyment, Enron, Entertainment, Enthusiasm, Entrepreneurs, Environment, Environmental, Envy, Epigrams, Epitaphs, Equality, Error, Errors, Escapism, Eternity, Ethics, Etiquette, Euphemisms, Europe, Evaluate, Evening, Events, Evil, Evolution, Exaggeration, Examination, Example, Exasperation, Excellence, Excess, Excise, Excitement, Excuses, Execution, Exercise, Exhaustion, Existence, Expectation, Expectations, Expediency, Experience, Expertise, Experts, Explanations, Exploitation, Exploration, Expression, Extravagance, Extreme, Extremes, Extremism, Eye, Eyes, Faces, Fact, Facts, Failure, Fairies, Faith, Faithfulness, Fallibility, Falsehood, Fame, Familiarity, Family, Famine, Famous, Fanaticism, Fanatics, Fancy, Fans, Fantasy, Farewells, Fascism, Fashion, Fate, Father, Fathers, Fatigue, Fault, Faults, Favorite, Favors, Fear, February, Feeling, Feelings, Feet, Femininity, Feminism, Festivities, Fiction, Fidelity, Fight, Fighting, Film, Finance, Financial, Fire, Firmness, First, First love, Fish, Fishermen, Fishing, Fitness, Flags, Flattery, Flaws, Fleas, Flexibility, Flies, Flirtation, Flirting, Flowers, Flying, Focus, Folk, Followers, Folly, Food, Fool, Foolishness, Fools, Football, Footsteps, Forbidden, Force, Foreign policy, Foreign relations, Foreigners, Foresight, Forget, Forgetfulness, Forgiveness, Formula, Fortune, Fossil fuel, Founding, France, Frankness, Fraud, Free speech, Free thinking, Free will, Freedom, Friend, Friends, Friendship, Frigidity, Frogs, Frontline, Frustration, Fulfillment, Fun, Funerals, Funny, Future, Gain, Gallantry, Gambling, Games, Garden, Gardening, Gardens, Gay, Geese, Gender, Gender equality, Generations, Generosity, Genetics, Genius, Genocide, Gentleman, Gentlemen, Geography, Geometry, Germany, Giants, Gifts, Girlfriend, Girlfriends, Girls, Gita, Giving, Glamour, Global warming, Globalization, Glory, Glutton, Gluttony, Gnats, Goal, Goals, God, Gods, Gold, Golf, Goodbye, Goodness, Goodwill, Gossip, Goths, Government, Grace, Graduation, Graffiti, Grammar, Grandparents, Gratitude, Grave, Gravity, Greatness, Greece, Greed, Greetings, Grief, Growing up, Growth, Grudges, Guest, Guests, Guidance, Guilt, Guitar, Habit, Habits, Hair, Happiness, Hard work, Hardship, Hardware, Harm, Harmony, Harvest, Haste, Hate, Hatred, Hawks, Healing, Health, Healthcare, Hearing, Heart, Heartbreak, Heaven, Hedonism, Heir, Hell, Help, Helpfulness, Hens, Heredity, Heresy, Heroes, Heroism, Hesitation, Hindsight, Hindu, Hinduism, Hippies, Hiring, Historians, History, Hobbies, Holiday, Holidays, Holiness, Holly, Hollywood, Home, Homesickness, Homosexuality, Honesty, Honor, Hope, Horror, Horses, Hospitality, Hospitals, Hounds, Housekeeping, Houses, Housewife, Housework, Houston, Hugs, Human nature, Human rights, Humanism, Humanity, Humility, Humor, Hunger, Hunting, Hurt, Husband, Husbands, Hygiene, Hypocrisy, Idea, Idealism, Ideals, Ideas, Identity, Ideology, Idiots, Idleness, Idols, Ignorance, Illness, Illusion, Imagination, Imitation, Immortality, Impatience, Imperfection, Importance, Impossibility, Impression, Imprisonment, Improvement, Impulses, Inaction, Income, Incompetence, Inconsistency, Incredulity, Indecision, Independence, Indifference, Indigestion, Indiscretion, Individualism, Individuality, Indolence, Inefficiency, Inequality, Inexplicable, Infatuation, Inferiority, Infidelity, Infinite, Infinity, Inflation, Influence, Information, Ingratitude, Inheritance, Injury, Injustice, Innocence, Innovation, Inns, Insanity, Insects, Insecurity, Insincerity, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspiring, Instinct, Insult, Insults, Integrity, Intellect, Intellectuals, Intelligence, Intemperance, Intention, Intentions, Interest, Internet, Intimacy, Intolerance, Intuition, Invention, Inventions, Investigation, Investment, Iraq, Ireland, Irish, Iron curtain, Irony, Irreverence, Islam, Islands, Isolation, Israel, Italy, Ithaca, Ivy, Jaded, Jargon, Jazz, Jealousy, Jeopardy, Jest, Jesting, Jewels, Job, Jobs, Jokes, Journalism, Journey, Joy, Judaism, Judges, Judgment, July, June, Jungle, Jury, Justice, Justification, Kaleidoscope, Karate, Karma, Kentucky, Key, Kids, Killing, Kindness, Kings, Kinship, Kiss, Kisses, Kissing, Kitchen, Kites, Knave, Knavery, Knight, Knowledge, Koran, Labor, Ladies, Lady, Land, Language, Larks, Laughter, Law, Laws, Lawyers, Laziness, Leader, Leaders, Leadership, Leading, Learning, Legal, Legends, Legislation, Legislators, Leisure, Lemons, Lent, Lesbian, Lesbianism, Letters, Liberal, Liberalism, Liberality, Liberals, Liberty, Libraries, Lie, Lies, Life, Light, Lilies, Limitations, Limits, Linguists, Linux, Liquor, Listening, Literary, Literature, Living, Logic, London, Loneliness, Lonely, Longevity, Longing, Loquacity, Losing, Loss, Love, Lovers, Loyalty, Luck, Lust, Luxury, Lying, Machine, Machines, Madness, Magic, Magnificence, Mail, Majority, Makeup, Malice, Mammals, Mammon, Man, Management, Manager, Managers, Manipulation, Mankind, Manners, Manufacturing, Marathon, March, Marines, Marketing, Marriage, Martin, Martyr, Martyrs, Marxism, Masculinity, Materialism, Mathematicians, Mathematics, Matrimony, Maturity, Maxim, Maxims, May, Meaning, Measure, Media, Medical, Medicine, Mediocrity, Meditation, Meeting, Meetings, Melancholy, Memories, Memory, Men, Mental health, Mentors, Mercury, Mercy, Merit, Merriment, Metaphor, Metaphors, Metaphysics, Middle age, Middle class, Midnight, Military, Mimes, Mind, Minority, Miracles, Mirth, Miscellaneous, Miser, Misers, Misery, Misfortune, Misleading, Mission, Missionaries, Mistake, Mistakes, Mistrust, Mob, Moderation, Modernity, Modesty, Mom, Moments, Money, Montana, Months, Monument, Monuments, Moods, Moon, Morality, Morals, Mormon, Mortality, Mosque, Mosquitoes, Mother, Motherhood, Mothers, Moths, Motivation, Motive, Motives, Mountains, Mourning, Mouse, Movies, Mulberry, Multiplicity, Murder, Museums, Music, Musicians, Muslim, Mystery, Mystics, Myth, Mythology, Myths, Nagging, Name, Names, Naps, Nation, National security, Nationalism, Nationality, Nations, Native Americans, Nature, Navigation, Navy, Necessity, Needs, Negative, Negativity, Neglect, Negotiation, Neighbors, Nerves, Nervousness, Network, Neurosis, Neutrality, New testament, New year, News, Newspapers, Niagara, Night, Nihilism, Nixon, Nobility, Nonsense, Nonviolence, Normality, Noses, Nostalgia, Nothing, Nothingness, Novelty, Now, Nudity, Numbers, Nurses, Oak, Obedience, Obesity, Objectives, Obligation, Obscurity, Observation, Obsession, Obsessions, Obstacles, Obstinacy, Obvious, Occupation, Occupations, Ocean, Oceans, October, Office, Oil, Old, Oneness, Open, Opera, Opinion, Opinions, Opium, Opponents, Opportunity, Opposites, Opposition, Oppression, Optimism, Options, Oracle, Oratory, Orchestras, Order, Originality, Osama bin laden, Ostentation, Ostriches, Outcasts, Outreach, Overcoming, Owls, Ownership, Oysters, Pacifism, Pain, Painting, Palestine, Panama, Paradise, Paradox, Paradoxes, Paranoia, Parenthood, Parenting, Parents, Paris, Parliament, Participation, Parting, Partnership, Party, Passion, Past, Patience, Patriotism, Peace, Peacocks, Pearls, Pen, People, Perception, Perceptions, Perfection, Performance, Persecution, Perseverance, Persistence, Personal growth, Personality, Perspective, Persuasion, Pessimism, Pet, Pets, Philanthropy, Philosophy, Photography, Phrenology, Physicians, Physics, Piety, Pigeons, Pilgrimage, Pity, Plagiarism, Planning, Plants, Play, Pleas, Pleasure, Poems, Poetry, Poets, Poison, Poker, Police, Policy, Politeness, Political leaders, Politicians, Politics, Pollution, Poor, Poppies, Popular, Popularity, Population, Pornography, Portraits, Positive, Positive thinking, Possession, Possessions, Possibilities, Possibility, Post, Posterity, Potential, Poverty, Power, Practicality, Practice, Praise, Prayer, Preaching, Precedents, Pregnancy, Prejudice, Preparation, Present, Presidency, President, Press, Pressure, Pretension, Pretty, Prevention, Pride, Principles, Printing, Priorities, Prison, Privacy, Privilege, Prizes, Problems, Procrastination, Production, Productivity, Profanity, Profession, professionals, Profit, Programming, Progress, Prohibition, Project, Projects, Promise, Promises, Promotion, Proof, Propaganda, Property, Prophecy, Prose, Prosperity, Prostitution, Protection, Protest, Protestantism, Providence, Provocative, Prudence, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Public, Public opinion, Public policy, Public speaking, Public trust, Publicity, Publishing, Punctuality, Punishment, Punk, Purity, Purpose, Pursuit, Quackery, Quail, Quakers, Quality, Quantity, Quarrel, Quarrels, Queen, Quest, Question, Questioning, Questions, Quick, Quiet, Quitting, Quotation,, , Quran, Race, Racing, Racism, Radical, Rain, Rainbows, Rank, Rap, Rapport, Ravens, Reading, Realism, Reality, Reason, Reassurance, Rebellion, Rebirth, Reciprocity, Recreation, Rectitude, Recycling, Reflection, Reform, Regret, Reincarnation, Reinventing, Rejection, Relationships, Relatives, Relativity, Relax, Relaxation, Religion, Religious, Remarkable, Remedies, Remembrance, Remorse, Renunciation, Repentance, Repetition, Repression, Republican, Republicans, Reputation, Research, Resentment, Resignation, Resolution, Respect, Respectability, Responsibility, Rest, Restaurants, Restraint, Result, Results, Retirement, Revenge, Reverie, Revolution, Reward, Rhetoric, Richness, Ridicule, Right, Righteousness, Rights, Riot, Risk, Risk-taking, Ritual, Rituals, Rivalry, Rivers, Road, Romance, Romantic, Rome, Rooks, Roses, Routine, Royalty, Rudeness, Ruin, Rules, Rumor, Rumors, Running, Russia, Sabbath, Sacrifice, Sadness, Safety, Saints, Sales, Salvation, Sanity, Santa claus, Sarcasm, Sarcastic, Satan, Satire, Satisfaction, Saying, sayings, Scandal, School, Schools, Science, Scientists, Scientology, Scotland, Scouting, Scripture, Sculpture, Sea, Seamen, Seasons, Secrecy, Secrets, Security, Seduction, Self, Self awareness, Self confidence, Self discipline, Self esteem, Self importance, Self interest, Self knowledge, Self mastery, Self reliance, Self respect, Self sacrifice, Selfishness, Selling, Semantics, Senate, Senators, Sensations, Sense, Senses, Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality, Sentiment, Sentimentality, Separation, Serenity, Seriousness, Sermons, Service, Sex, Sex appeal, Sex war, Sexes, Sexism, Sexuality, Shadow, Shadows, Shakespeare, Shame, Sharing, Sheep, Ships, Shipwreck, Shops, Shyness, Sickness, Sight, Silence, Silly, Simplicity, Sin, Sincerity, Singing, Sister, Sisters, Skepticism, Ski, Skill, Skin, Sky, Slander, Slang, Slavery, Sleep, Smile, Smiles, Smoking, Snobbery, Snow, Soccer, Socialism, Society, Software, Solaris, Soldiers, Solidarity, Solitude, Solution, Son, Song, Songs, Sons, Sophistication, Sorrow, Soul, Soul mates, Sound, Space, Spain, Sparrows, Speech, Spelling, Spicy, Spiders, Spirit, Spirits, Spiritual, Spirituality, Spontaneity, Sports, Spring, Srebrenica, Stability, Stairs, Stars, Starvation, State, states, Statesmanship, Statistics, Storms, Strangers, Strategy, Strength, Stress, Struggle, Students, Study, Stupidity, Style, Succeed, Success, Successful, Suffering, Suicide, Summer, Sun, Sunset, Superficiality, Superiority, Supernatural, Superstition, Support, Surprises, Surrealism, Surrender, Survival, Suspense, Suspicion, Swallows, Swans, Swearing, Sweetness, Swine, Symbol, Sympathy, Tact, Talent, Talk, Talking, Tardiness, Taste, Tax, Tax cuts, Tax increases, Taxation, Taxes, Tea, Teachers, Teaching, Teamwork, Tears, Technology, Teen, Teenage, Teenagers, Television, Temper, Temperament, Temperance, Temple, Temptation, Temptations, Tenacity, Tenderness, Tennis, Tension, Terror, Terrorism, Testing, Tests, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving, Theater, Theatre, Theft, Theology, Theories, Theory, Therapy, Thieving, Thinking, Thought, Thoughtful, Thoughts, Thrushes, Tides, Time, Timidity, Titles, Today, Tolerance, Tomorrow, Tongue, Tools, Tourists, Trade, Tradition, Traditions, Tragedy, Training, Tranquility, Travel, Traveling, Treachery, Treason, Treasure, Treatment, Trees, Trials, Tribute, Trifle, Trifles, Trinity, Troops, Trouble, Trout, Trust, Truth, Trying, Turkey, Turkeys, Twilight, Twins, Tycoon, Tyranny, Ugliness, Ugly, Umpire, Unbelief, Uncertainty, Unconscious, Understanding, Undertakers, Unemployment, Unhappiness, Uniqueness, United, Unity, Universe, University, Unix, Unkindness, Unworthy, Usefulness, Uselessness, Utopia, Vacation, Validity, Valor, Value, Values, Vanity, Variety, Vegetarianism, Vengeance, Venice, Vertigo, Veterans, Vice, Vices, Victims, Victory, Vietnam, Vigilance, Villainy, Violence, Violets, Virginity, Virtue, Vision, Visions, Visit, Visualization, Vitality, Vocabulary, Vocation, Voice, Volunteerism, Vote, Voting, Vow, Vulgarity, Vulnerability, Wage, Wages, Wail, Waiting, Waking, Walking, Want, War, Washington, Waste, Water, Weakness, Wealth, Weapons, Weather, Wedding, Weddings, Weekend, Weeping, Weight, Welfare, Wellness, Whim, Whisper, Wickedness, Widows, Wife, Wilderness, Wildlife, Will, Willpower, Wind, Windows, Wine, Winning, Winter, Wisdom, Wishes, Wishing, Wit, Witchcraft, Witches, Witty, Wives, Woman, Women, Wonder, Wonders, Wood, Wooing, Word, Words, Work, Work ethic, Workers, World, World war, Worry, Worship, Worth, Worthiness, Wounds, Wrath, Wrestling, Writer, Writers, Writing, Wrong, Wrongs, Xenophobia, Xerox, Yankee, Yawns, Yearning, Years, Yesterday, Yield, Yoga, Youth, Yuppies, Zeal, Zen, Zenith, Zest, Zodiac, Zombies, Zone, Zoology

15,500+ Quotation Authors and Speakers in the Database:A. A. Milne; A. Alfred Taubman; A. B. Yehoshua; A. Bartlett Giamatti; A. C. Benson; A. E. Housman; A. E. van Vogt; A. G. Mojtabai, A. I. Bezzerides; A. J. Foyt; A. J. Langer; A. J. Liebling; A. J. McLean; A. J. Muste; A. J. P. Taylor; A. N. Wilson, A. P. Herbert; A. P. Martinich; A. Philip Randolph; A. R. Ammons; A. Whitney Brown, Aaliyah; Aaron Allston; Aaron Brown, Aaron Burr; Aaron Carter; Aaron Copland; Aaron Eckhart; Aaron Funk; Aaron Hill; Aaron Klug; Aaron Latham; Aaron McGruder; Aaron Neville; Aaron Siskind, Aaron Sorkin; Aaron Spelling; Aaron Stanford; Aaron Yoo; Abba Eban; Abbe Pierre; Abbey Lincoln; Abbie Hoffman; Abbott L. Lowell; Abdallah II; Abdelaziz Bouteflika; Abdolkarim Soroush; Abdoulaye Wade, Abdul Kalam; Abdul Qadeer Khan; Abdullah Ahmad Badawi; Abdullah Ibrahim; Abdurrahman Wahid; Abdus Salam; Abe Fortas, Abe Lemons; Abe Vigoda; Abebe Bikila, Abel Ferrara; Abigail Adams; Abigail Fillmore; Abigail Van Buren; Abraham Cahan, Abraham Clark; Abraham Cowley; Abraham Crowley; Abraham Flexner; Abraham Joshua Heschel, Abraham Kuyper; Abraham Lincoln; Abraham Maslow; Abraham Pais; Abraham Polonsky, Abraham Robinson; Abraham Tucker; Abraham Whipple; Abraham Zapruder; Abu Abbas, Abu Bakar Bashir; Abu Bakr; Ace Frehley; Achille Maramotti; Acker Bilk; Ad Reinhardt; Ada Cambridge; Ada Louise Huxtable, Adam Ant; Adam Arkin; Adam Baldwin, Adam Brody; Adam Clarke; Adam Clayton, Adam Clymer; Adam Duritz; Adam Faith, Adam Ferguson; Adam Garcia; Adam Hochschild; Adam Jones; Adam Michnik; Adam Osborne; Adam Pascal; Adam Petty; Adam Rich; Adam Rickitt; Adam Sandler; Adam Savage; Adam Schiff; Adam Sedgwick, Adam Smith; Adam Weishaupt; Adam West, Addison Mizner; Adela Florence Nicolson, Adelaide Anne Procter; Adelbert von Chamisso, Adele Comandini; Adele Faber; Adlai E. Stevenson; Adlai Stevenson; Adnan Pachachi, Adolf Anderssen; Adolf Eichmann; Adolf Galland; Adolf Hitler; Adolf Loos; Adolfo Aguilar Zinser; Adolfo Lopez Mateos; Adolph Green; Adolph Zukor; Adoniram Judson; Adrian Belew; Adrian Cronauer; Adrian Edmondson, Adrian Grenier; Adrian Lyne; Adrian Mitchell; Adrian Smith; Adriana Lima; Adrien Brody; Adrienne Barbeau; Adrienne Clarkson, Adrienne Gusoff; Adrienne Kennedy; Adrienne Rich; Aeschines; Aeschylus; Aesop; Afif Safieh; Afrika Bambaataa; Aga Khan III; Agatha Christie; Agathon; Agha Hasan Abedi; Agnes C. Laut; Agnes de Mille, Agnes E. Meyer; Agnes Macphail; Agnes Martin; Agnes Repplier; Agnes Smedley; Agnes Varda; Agnetha Faltskog; Aharon Appelfeld, Ahmad Jamal; Ahmed Ali; Ahmed Ben Bella; Ahmed Best; Ahmed Chalabi; Ahmed Yassin; Ahmet Necdet Sezner; Ahmet Zappa, Aida Turturro; Aidan Quinn; Aiden Wilson Tozer; Aileen Wuornos; Aime Cesaire, Aimee Mann; Aimee Semple McPherson; Aisha Tyler; Aishwarya Rai; Ajay Devgan, Ajay Naidu; Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani; Akhenaton; Akhmad Kadyrov; Akihito; Akio Morita; Akira Kurosawa; Akshay Kumar, Al Alvarez; Al Bernstein; Al Boliska, Al Campanis; Al Capone; Al Capp, Al D'Amato; Al Davis; Al Dubin, Al Edwards; Al Franken; Al From, Al Goldstein; Al Gore; Al Green, Al Hirschfeld; Al Hirt; Al Jardine, Al Jarreau; Al Jourgensen; Al Kaline, Al Leiter; Al Lewis; Al Lopez, Al McGuire; Al Michaels; Al Oerter, Al Pacino; Al Purdy; Al Roker, Al Sharpton; Al Smith; Al Spalding, Al Stewart; Al Unser; Al Waleed bin Talal; Al Yankovic; Alain Badiou; Alain de Botton; Alain de Lille; Alain Delon, Alain Fournier; Alain Juppe; Alain Prost; Alain Rene Le Sage; Alain Resnais, Alain Robert; Alan Alda; Alan Arkin, Alan Autry; Alan Ayckbourn; Alan Bates, Alan Bean; Alan Bennett; Alan Bleasdale; Alan Brien; Alan Bullock; Alan Bush; Alan Clark; Alan Cohen; Alan Colmes; Alan Coren; Alan Cox; Alan Cranston; Alan Cumming; Alan Davies; Alan Dean Foster; Alan Dershowitz; Alan Dundes, Alan Garcia Perez; Alan Gorrie; Alan Greenspan; Alan Gregg; Alan Hamilton; Alan Hansen; Alan Hovhaness; Alan Jackson, Alan Jay Lerner; Alan K. Simpson; Alan Kay; Alan Keyes; Alan King; Alan Kulwicki; Alan Ladd; Alan Lakein; Alan Lewis; Alan Lomax; Alan Minter; Alan Mollohan; Alan Moore; Alan Parker; Alan Parsons; Alan Paton; Alan Patrick Herbert, Alan Perlis; Alan Price; Alan Rickman, Alan Rudolph; Alan Shearer; Alan Shepard; Alan Sillitoe; Alan Smith; Alan Sugar; Alan Thicke; Alan Turing; Alan Vega; Alan Watts; Alan Woods; Alan Young; Alanis Morisette; Alanis Morissette, Alanna Ubach; Alannah Myles; Alastair Wood; Alban Berg; Alben W. Barkley; Albert Bandura; Albert Barnes; Albert Brooks, Albert Bushnell Hart; Albert Camus; Albert Claude; Albert Dunlap; Albert Einstein, Albert Ellis; Albert Finney; Albert Gallatin; Albert Hofmann; Albert J. Beveridge, Albert J. 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"a2z", "lastname", "author", "profession", "nationality", "birthdate", "deathdate", "quote", "keywords"
"v","Voltaire","Voltaire","Writer","French","21-Nov-1694","30-May-1778","Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.","Man, Wishes"
"v","Voltaire","Voltaire","Writer","French","21-Nov-1694","30-May-1778","It is not love that should be depicted as blind, but self-love.","Love, Blind, Self"
"w","Woolf","Virginia Woolf","Author","British","25-Jan-1882","28-Mar-1941","To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves.","Control, Freedom"
"m","Miller","Arthur Miller","Playwright","American","17-Oct-1915","10-Feb-2005","If I see an ending, I can work backward.","Work, Ending"
"d","Dickinson","Emily Dickinson","Poet","American","10-Dec-1830","15-May-1886","I'm nobody, who are you?",
"p","Pope","Alexander Pope","Poet","English","21-May-1688","30-May-1744","So vast is art, so narrow human wit.","Art, Wit"


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