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Diabetes Practice Quizzes: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Answer

Diabetes Practice Quizzes: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

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This is a database of about 850+ multiple choice questions and answers on Diabetes.

If you are a medical student or medical professional this database may become helpful for your learning and research. Some questions may also be helpful for patients as well however we recommend patients to seek professional doctor's advise before acting on any information.

For further details on this product, a sample records and terms of use please continue reading the sections below.
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The package contains a list of multiple choice questions and correct answers related to the Diabetes symptoms, cure, medicines, prevention and other aspects. The data file is available in Excel Spreadsheet, MS Access Database and TAB delimited Text file format. The text files can be imported in a database e.g. MySQL or MS Access or in Excel.

Every question has 2 to 5 multiple choices of possible answers and a correct choice and answer. Questions are tagged with one or more keywords that the question is related to. This will help to quickly find all questions related to a specific keywords. Please check out "Additional Info" section for the list of all 330+ keyword tags.



Column Description Field Length
Question The Question on Diabetes Charactre (255)
ChoiceA 1st Choice for a possible answer Charactre (255)
ChoiceB 2nd Choice for a possible answer Charactre (255)
ChoiceC 3rd Choice for a possible answer Charactre (255)
ChoiceD 4th Choice for a possible answer Charactre (255)
ChoiceE 5th Choice for a possible answer Charactre (255)
AnsCol Position of the column with correct answer (A, B, C, D or E) Charactre (1)
Answer Correct answer Charactre (255)
Keywords Kyewords or topics that the question is related to Charactre (255)


Additional Information

File Format Tab Delimited Text, MS Excel 2007 Spread Sheet, MS Access 2007 Database
Format Details

The package contains the list of multiple choice questions and correct answers in Excel2007 Spreadsheet format, MS Access 2007 Database and TAB delimited Text file format. The text files can be imported in a database e.g. MySQL or MS Access or in Excel. Each of the MCQ can have up to 5 choices and 1 correct answer.

If you need data in any other format please send your requirements to [email protected]. We would happily assist you in data conversion. A nominal fee may be applicable for the data conversion.

Total Records 850+ multiple choice questions and answers
File Size All files are zipped in a less than 1 MB downloadable file.
Additional Info

Below are the list of all 330+ keywords or topics that the questions on Diabetes have been tagged with:

abdominal, abnormalities, abnormality, absorption, acanthosis, acetone, acidosis, acids, acromegaly, adenyl, diabetic, factor, factors, failed, failure, familial, family, faster, fastest, fasting, fat-free, father, fatigue, fatty, favor, feature, Fecal, female, Fenofibrate, Fiber, FIELD, follow-up, foods, fracture, frequency, Frozen, fruit, fruits, fruity, gastroenteropathy, gastroparesis, gathering, genes, gestational, gland, glands, Glibenclamide, GLP-1, Glucagon, glucocorticoids, glucometer, glucometers, Gluconeogenesis, glucose, glucose-corticosteroids, gluocose, glycated, glycemic, glycogen, glycosylated, goiter, guidelines, HbA1c, headache, heart, hemoglobin, Hereditary, high-risk, HLA-DQ, honey, hormone, hormones, Humolog, HumologR, hungry, hydrogenated, Hyperglycemia, hyperglycemic, Hyperinsulinemia, hypertension, hypoglycemia, hypoglycemic, Hypothalamic, hypothalamus, immunosuppression, impairment, Indians, inflammation, injectable, injected, injection, injections, insulin, insulin-associated, insulin-induced, insulin-producing, insulin-treated, iodine, iodines, jogging, Joints, Ketones, Ketonuria, Kidney, kidneys, larynx, lettuce, lipoidica, liver, macronutrient, malnutrition, massage, maturity-onset, medication, medications, Medicine, melanocyte-stimulating, Melatonin, mellitus, menstruation, metabolic, metabolism, metabolize, Metformin, microvascular, mitochondrial, molehill, monounsaturated, mortality, muscle, muscles, musculoskeletal, myocardial, nausea, Necrobiosis, needle, needles, neonatal, nephron, nephropathy, nerves, nervous, Neurocognitive, neuropathic, neuropathies, neuropathy, newborn, newly-diagnosed, NIDDM, nigricans, non-diabetes, non-diabetic, non-Hispanic, non-obese, Nonproliferative, non-ß-cells, Non-steroid, normoglycemia, Novolog, NovologR, nutrients, Nutrition, nutritive, obese, obesity, obstacles, Omega-3, organ, organs, orthotic, orthotics, osmolarity, osteoporosis, ovarian, ovaries, Overweight, pain, pancreas, pancreatic, pancreatitis, parathyroid, pathogenesis, peaking, peakless, pedometer, peptide, peptides, Periodontis, Pheochromocytomas, physiologic, physiological, pituitary, plasma, plasma-glucose, podiatry, Polycystic, polydypsia, polypeptide, polyphagia, polyunsaturated, polyuria, posterior, postprandial, Post-prandial, potassium, prediabetes, pre-diabetic, predictive, pregnancy, pregnant, pressure, proinsulin, Prolactin, Proliferative, prostaglandins, protein, proteins, radiographic, Reflectance, reflex, relief, remission, renal, reoccurring, repose, resistance, respond, responds, response, responses, Restless, retinopathy, rhythms, risks, routines, safflower, scapula, sensitive, sensitivity, serum, sign/symptom, signal, signaling, signals, skeletal, Somogyi, soybean, sphincter, spice, ß-cell, steroid, steroids, Stevia, stimuli, stimulus, stomach, strategy, strawberries, stress, stressor, stressors, stress-reducing, stroke, Suckling, sugar, Sugar-free, surgery, sweetener, symptom, symptoms, syndrome, synthesis, syringes, tachycardic, TCF7L2, testing, testosterone, tests, thalamus, therapeutic, therapists, therapy, Thiazolidinediones, thirsty, thymus, Thyroglobulin, thyroid, Thyroxine, tissue, tissues, tolerance, trachea, transplant, transplantation, transplants, treat, treated, treating, treatment, treatments, treats, triglyceride, triiodothyronine, tyrosine, UKPDS, ulcer, ulceration, ulcerations, ulcers, untreated, urine, Urologic, vaccinations, vaginal, vascular, vegetables, Vegetarians, velvety, virus, vision, visual, vitrectomy, vomiting, waist-to-hip, waking, water, weakness, weight, woman, women, worsen, worsening

Keywords diseases, disorders, illnesses, medical, conditions, ailments, sickness, complications, common, physical, illness, list, health, issues, problems, sql, csv, dump
Key Phrases diabetes mcq, multiple choice questions, diabetes practice questions
Specific Terms and Condition Disclaimer

You must understand the following before you download and use this database. The information in the database is only for education and research purposes and can not in any way substitute for medical texts and the advice of a medical professional. has compiled this database to be used as a repository of relevant information for those who are interested to know but is not responsible for the validity of the content.

You should acknowledge that is not run by doctors and does not engage in the practice of medicine or medical research. is not a medical authority; it is just providing a database as a query and research tool for its users to use in studying or preparation for consulting with a doctor. We can not guarantee our information is accurate or up to date. Even if the content or statement made about a medical condition is accurate, it may not apply to a particular user or user's symptoms, so its users should always consult authoritative medical sources, or an expert medical professional and doctor to validate or act on the information in the database. Nothing in this database should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a medical opinion or otherwise engage in the practice of medicine.

Terms of Use

Unauthorized copying, distribution and use of this product are strictly prohibited. You can use this product only for your own personal purpose such as understanding, studying or researching. You are not entitled to resell, redistribute or publish the content in any form such as in Print, Web or App. By downloading this product you agree to the above terms and conditions. Thank you.



A sample of multiple choice questions from the database follows:

Question ChoiceA ChoiceB ChoiceC ChoiceD ChoiceE AnsCol Answer Keywords
Can a living kidney donor have diabetes? Yes, but only type 1 No Yes, but only type 2 Yes, but only if he/she got diabetes after age 45 B No Kidney
Diabetes can cause kidney failure and blindness. True False A TRUE failure, Kidney
Diabetic eye disease does NOT include: Cataracts Diabetic retinopathy Glaucoma Conjunctivitis D Conjunctivitis diabetic
Diabetic neuropathy is when: Damage occurs to a person's brain due to synthetic insulin Damage occurs to a person's eyes due to hyperglycemia Damage occurs to a person's fingers and toes due to poor circulation Damage occurs to the covering of a person's nerves or blood vessels D Damage occurs to the covering of a person's nerves or blood vessels neuropathy, diabetic
Diabetic retinopathy is: Diabetic eye disease Diabetic slow-healing sores Diabetic foot disease Diabetic gum disease A Diabetic eye disease retinopathy, diabetic
The pre-diabetic state is characterized by: Increased endogenous glucose production Decreased glucose disappearance 2-hour oral glucose tolerance test values >11 mmol/L No increase in risk of microvascular and macrovascular complications B Decreased glucose disappearance pre-diabetic
What can help prevent diabetic neuropathy? Exercise Anti-depressants Low-carb diets Controlling blood sugar D Controlling blood sugar neuropathy, diabetic
What is a diabetic foot ulcer? A foot infection A foot fungus A foot sore A foot amputation C A foot sore ulcer, diabetic
What is diabetic nephropathy? Kidney damage from diabetes Nerve damage from diabetes Eye damage from diabetes Liver damage from diabetes A Kidney damage from diabetes nephropathy, diabetic
When planning to exercise, a diabetic should: strictly adhere to dietary carbohydrate restrictions plan to exercise when insulin is peaking take an extra injection of insulin before exercising make sure that blood glucose is less than 300 mg/dl D make sure that blood glucose is less than 300 mg/dl diabetic


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