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List of 3500+ phpLD 4.0 Categories Dump

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List of 3500+ phpLD 4.0 Categories Dump

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List of 3,500+ categories for php Link Directory (phpLD) version 4.0 directory script.
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List of 3,500+ categories for php Link Directory (phpLD) version 4.0 directory script. The list is comprehensive enough and very well structured for any new web directory. This is one of the largest and best list of phpLD4.0 categories currently available on the net.

The list is provided as a set of SQL INSERT command script that will automatically create the category structure for your brand new phpLD4.0 directory. All you need is to copy the contents on to a MySQL QueryBrowser script window and execute. You can also use phpMyAdmin to create the category structure.



The list inserts values in the following fields:

  • ID
  • HITS


Additional Information

File Format MySQL Script
Format Details The package contains list as a set of SQL INSERT Command statements doing the following:
a) Insert records in the PLD_CATEGORY table
b) Insert record in the PLD_CATEGORY_SEQ table
Total Records 3,500+
Additional Info Background FAQs
What is Categories Dump?

If you have set up a new web directory using phpLD4.0 script, the first thing you will need before anyone can submit to your directory is a list of categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories. Adding categories to your web directory is a tedious job. You may be able to manage creating 25 categories manually in 10 minutes. But how about creating 3,500 categories? Here is a time saver solution for you.

In the category dump, provided in this pack, not only the list of useful categories is alreday created for you, but also the SQL command is already written and ready to be executed. Therefore, this is the fastest and easiest way to create your php linkdirectory (version 4.0) categories. All you need is just run the script.

It is really handy and easy to setup. In just few seconds, you will have your web directory up with more than 3500 categories. Save your valuable time with this phpLD category dump.

Keywords phpld, phpld4, category, categories, dump
Key Phrases phpld category dump, phpld4 categories, categories dump phpld, web directory categories, web directory, free categories dump
Specific Terms and Condition Unauthorized copying, distribution and use of this product is strictly prohibited. You can purchase and download this product from If you find this product being distributed from any other store, please immediately inform [email protected]. Thank you.



INSERT INTO `PLD_CATEGORY` (`ID`, `TITLE`, `CACHE_TITLE`, `TITLE_URL`, `CACHE_URL`, `DESCRIPTION`, `TDESCRIPTION`, `CATCONTENT`, `PARENT_ID`, `STATUS`, `DATE_ADDED`, `HITS`, `SYMBOLIC`, `SYMBOLIC_ID`, `META_KEYWORDS`, `META_DESCRIPTION`) VALUES (3413, 'Tournaments', 'Sports: Tennis: Tournaments', 'Tournaments', 'Sports/Tennis/Tournaments/', '', NULL, NULL, 3309, 2, '2007-02-14 13:37:03', 2, 0, 0, 'Tournaments', '');

INSERT INTO `PLD_CATEGORY` (`ID`, `TITLE`, `CACHE_TITLE`, `TITLE_URL`, `CACHE_URL`, `DESCRIPTION`, `TDESCRIPTION`, `CATCONTENT`, `PARENT_ID`, `STATUS`, `DATE_ADDED`, `HITS`, `SYMBOLIC`, `SYMBOLIC_ID`, `META_KEYWORDS`, `META_DESCRIPTION`) VALUES (3414, 'Jumps', 'Sports: Track and Field: Jumps', 'Jumps', 'Sports/Track_and_Field/Jumps/', '', NULL, NULL, 3310, 2, '2007-01-20 15:14:57', 1, 0, 0, 'Jumps', '');

INSERT INTO `PLD_CATEGORY` (`ID`, `TITLE`, `CACHE_TITLE`, `TITLE_URL`, `CACHE_URL`, `DESCRIPTION`, `TDESCRIPTION`, `CATCONTENT`, `PARENT_ID`, `STATUS`, `DATE_ADDED`, `HITS`, `SYMBOLIC`, `SYMBOLIC_ID`, `META_KEYWORDS`, `META_DESCRIPTION`) VALUES (3415, 'Marathon', 'Sports: Track and Field: Marathon', 'Marathon', 'Sports/Track_and_Field/Marathon/', '', NULL, NULL, 3310, 2, '2007-01-20 14:40:36', 1, 0, 0, 'Marathon', '');


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