Make Payment for Services Rendered

eBusinessGems provides various online services including application development, data collection, data conversion, website promotion and technical supports. Customers can now make payment for services from the shopping cart itself.

Terms of Reference: Please contact [email protected] to discuss scope and terms of the services that you may want us to deliver. We have a pool of finest experts having many years of experience in areas we render our services in. We always thrive to offer quality services and our fee structure is affordable and highly competitive. You may use online contact form to contact us.

Please settle your payment by adding this pay order to your shopping cart. Depending on the nature of services you may have to make payment before or after the services are rendered.

Payment Method: You can make payment for services using your credit card. Please choose 2Checkout or AlertPay as your payment method if you want to pay by credit card. You may also pay using your Paypal account if you choose 2CheckOut.

Quantity: Note that the unit price of the pay order is USD 1. During payment, please choose a quantity which is equal to the service value (if you are paying in USD of course). So for example, if we have settled for a service fee of USD 10 you simply choose 10 as your quantity.

If your currency is other than US dollar, please calculate the equivalent quantity so that resultant value equals agreed service value. However, we recommend you to make payment for services in USD to avoid such calculation related to currency conversion. We look forward to serving you.