How Dog Names Database can Help you Pick a Name for your Puppy?

Our newest product is a dog name database. Well 14,000 dog names in it is huge. But choosing a cute name for your pretty puppy is not an easy task. Our dog names database is organized to help you find a suitable name for your dog without much efforts. You can decide a name based on Read More

Pretty Puppy Names – Database of 14,000 Dog Names

Pretty puppy names – is a large collection of dog names. This is a comprehensive list of some 14,000+ entries that includes 5,000+ names for boy puppies, 6,000+ for girls, and 3,000+ for both genders. The list is a unique collection of dog names of its kind on the web. So selecting a suitable name for Read More

This Day in History – Database of 140,000+ Events

This Day in History is a comprehensive list of 142,000+ historical factsthat includes 65,000+ historical events, 57,000+ births, 17,500+ deaths and about 2,500 holidays. The list is the largest and unique on the web.  The data is ready to be published on your content web site or application. The following table summarizes the century wise Read More

FIFA Worldcup Photo Database includes Girlfriends of the Soccer Stars as well

The MS Access based FIFA Worlcup Photo database application that was released yesterday is not just about the soccer stars. More than 750 pictures of the players, coaches and teams also includes soccer stars’ girlfriends as well. Portugal hero Christiano Ronaldo is known to have majority of the girlfriends among the soccer stars. The database Read More

Setup your phpLD 4.0 Web Directory with a Huge List of 3500+ Categories Dump

A new product has just been added to the eBusinessGems catalog. The product is a list of 3,500+ categories for phpLinkDirectory (phpLD) version 4.0 directory script. The list is comprehensive enough and very well structured for any new web directory. This may be the largest and best list of phpLD4.0 categories currently available on the Read More

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