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Human Body Facts - Marvelous and Incredible

Human Body Facts - Marvelous and Incredible

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"Human Body Facts - Marvelous and Incredible" is a great collection of amazing facts on incredible characteristics and marvel of our own body.
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"Human Body Facts - Marvelous and Incredible" is a great collection of amazing facts on incredible characteristics and marvel of our own body. The collection is comprised of over 2,000 facts categorized into various topics. The data is available in MS Excel, MS Access and TAB delimited Text file format. Facts are categorized into following topics (listed in alphabetical order): - Cardiovascular / Circulatory system - Digestive system / Excretory system - Female Reproductive system - Genetic - Integumentary system/ Exocrine system - Lymphatic system / Immune system - Male Reproductive system - Miscellaneous Body Parts - Muscular system/Skeletal system - Nervous system - Renal system / Urinary system - Reproductive system - Respiratory system - Sensory organs The database can be used for personal project; learning or research purpose.



Column Description Field Length
Category Subject of the fact collection - in this case it is "Human Body" Character (50)
Fact The fact Memo
Keywords Keywords in the fact Character (255)
Subcategory Further subcategory or the human body parts the fact is about Character (50)


Additional Information

File Format Tab Delimited Text, MS Excel 2007 Spread Sheet, MS Access 2007 Database
Format Details The data is available in TAB delimited Text file, Spreadsheet (MS Excel 2007) format, and Database (MS Access 2007) format. Other formats may be available on request. An additional fee may be applicable for additional file format.
Total Records
More than 2,000 facts
File Size Approx 1 MB Zipped
Additional Info Facts on almost all kinds of body parts have been covered in this database. Here are the body parts that have facts about: Abdomen, Achilles tendon, Alveoli, Ankle, Anus, Aorta, Arm, Arteries, Artery, Backbone, Beard, Belly, Bile, Blood, Body, Bone, Bones, Brain, Breast, Breasts, Buttock, Calf, Capillaries, Cartilage, Cavities, Cells, Cerebellum, Cheek, Chest, Chin, Chromosome, Claw, Cornea, Cortex, Dandruff, Dermis, Disc, DNA, Ear, Earlobe, Ears, Elbow, Epidermis, Eye, Eyeballs, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Face, Femur, Finger, Finger nails, Fingers, Fist, Flesh, Foot, Forearm, Forehead, Gall bladder, Genitals, Gland, Glands, Gluteus Maximus, Hair, Hand, Head, Heart, Hip, Hormones, Human , Immune system, Intestine, Jaw, Joint, Kidney, Kidneys, Knee, Labia, Leg, Limb, Lips, Liver, Lungs, Mandible, Marrow, Mind, Molar, Moustache, Mouth, Muscle, Muscles, Nails, Navel, Neck, Nerve, Nipple, Nose, Organ, Ovum, Palm, Pelvis, Penis, Phalanges, Pulse, Pus, Rectum, Retina, Ribs, Ring finger, Saliva, Septum, Shoulder, Shoulders, Skeletal, Skeleton, Skin, Skull, Socket, Sole, Spine, Spleen, Sternum, Stool, Sweat, Teeth, Testicles, Thigh, Throat, Thumb, Tibia, Tissue, Toes, Tongue, Tooth, Urethra, Urine, Uterus, Vagina, Vein, Veins, Vessels, Voice, Waist, Womb, Wrinkles, Zygote
Keywords facts, human, body, amazing, marvelous, incredible, adults, body parts, body system
Key Phrases human body, facts about human body, marvelous and incredible, incredible human body
Specific Terms and Condition
SECTION Description
ABOUT This document describes important terms and conditions about your use of the product purchased from By downloading and using this product you agree to these terms. Therefore, you must understand the following before you use this product
DISCLAIMER has compiled this product to be used as a repository of relevant information for those who are interested to know but assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in these materials.
CAN - You CAN use this product for your own personal use, in your personal project, for knowledge or research purpose
CAN - You CAN use this database as content for application, blog or website to inform the users or visitors. But you should not present the content in it's original format and you should not allow any part of the content as a downloadable file.
CANNOT - You CANNOT re-sell, re-distribute or give away the database
CANNOT - You CANNOT use the database for any download website or similar site from where visitor can download the original database
OHER TERMS Unauthorized copying, distribution and use of this product is strictly prohibited.



Subcategory Count Of Facts
Uncategorised 1005
Muscular system/Skeletal system 393
Cardiovascular / Circulatory system 270
Nervous system 189
Sensory organs 125
Integumentary system/ Exocrine system 113
Digestive system / Excretory system 103
Miscellaneous Body Parts 76
Renal system / Urinary system 62
Male Reproductive system 53
Genetic 53
Reproductive system 23
Female Reproductive system 17
Respiratory system 15
Lymphatic system / Immune system 9



Find below a sample of data records from the database:

Category Fact Keywords Subcategory
Human Body 10% of human dry weight comes from bacteria.
Human Body 80% of the brain is water. Brain Nervous system
Human Body A kiss increases a person's pulse to 100 beats per minute or more. Pulse Cardiovascular / Circulatory system
Human Body Adults A man will ejaculate 1/2 trillion sperm in his lifetime.
Human Body A newborn baby has more than 26 billion cells. Cells Miscellaneous Body Parts
Human Body A sneeze can exceed 100 miles per hour, coughs over 60 mph.
Human Body About 10,000 human cells can fit on the head of a pin Cells, Head Genetic
Human Body Adults An estimated 30 million Americans struggle with erectile dysfunction.
Human Body Adults Body positions during vaginal intercourse can affect orgasm in women. Body Muscular system/Skeletal system
Human Body By the time you are 70 you will have easily drunk over 12,000 gallons of water.
Human Body Adults Cancer claims forty victims an hour in America.
Human Body Cold weather makes fingernails grow faster.
Human Body Colour blindness is more common in males.
Human Body Do you know that there is about 0.2 mg of gold in our bodies ?
Human Body Every square inch of the human body has an average of 32 million bacteria on it. Body Muscular system/Skeletal system


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