World Airport Database with IATA Code, ICAO Code, Latitude and Longitude

World Airport Database with IATA Code, ICAO Code, Latitude and Longitude contains records of more than 11,000 airports around the world. The database is available in both Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and Microsoft Access Database format. A significant number of records also contain information about the elevation or altitude of the airport (above sea level) and length of the airport as well. Latitude and longitude data is measured in degrees with up to eight decimal places. Elevation and length data is measured in feet. This database contains airports having an IATA (International Air Transport Association) code. Please note that having an IATA code does not necessarily means that it will also have an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) code.

Difference between IATA and ICAO: As a general rule, IATA has to do with the commercial aspect of Aviation such as timetables, reservations etc. ICAO, on the other hand, has to do with the regulatory, standards, and operational aspects of aviaiton. As a result IATA codes are used for passenger reservation systems, ticketing etc. and ICAO codes are used for operations, flight planing, navigation, etc. IATA is effectively a powerful lobbying body for international air carriers, while ICAO is an inter-governmental organisation which deals with regulatory aspects of national civil aviation. ICAO makes recommendations and sets standards but it has no enforcement powers. ICAO standards are generally followed by national civil aviation authorities.

There are more than 11,000 IATA Airport codes in the database.

The airport database has the following columns:

Column Name Description Data Type Column Length Percentage of Rows Populated
A2Z First letter of IATA Code Text 1 100%
IATACode 3 Character IATA Code Text 3 100%
ICAOCode 4 Character ICAO Code Text 4 61%
City City Text 50 99%
CountryISO2 Country ISO2 Code Text 2 97%
Country Country Text 50 97%
StateCode State (US/Canada) Text 2 33%
AirportName Airport Name Text 100 100%
Latitude_deg Latitude in degree (upto 8 decimal places) Number Double 78%
Longitude_deg Longitude in degree (upto 8 decimal places) Number Double 70%
Elevation_ft Elavation of Airport in ft Number Double 57%
Length_ft Length of Airport in ft Number Double 7%
LocationsServed Locations Served Number 100 63%

Country wise Airport counts:

Country Airports Count
United States 4307
Australia 594
Canada 558
Papua New Guinea 362
Brazil 300
France 219
China 205
Indonesia 198
United Kingdom 163
Colombia 161
Germany 149
Russian Federation 139
India 127
Japan 106
Argentina 97
Mexico 97
Italy 90
South Africa 87
Philippines 71
Sweden 71
Malaysia 70
Iran 67
Norway 66
Pakistan 62
Madagascar 62
Venezuela 62
New Zealand 61
Spain 60
Democratic Republic Of The
Ethiopia 55
Turkey 53
Chile 51
Thailand 48
French Polynesia 46
Solomon Islands 44
Greece 44
Algeria 42
Gabon 42
Mozambique 42
Bahamas 41
Myanmar 40
Iceland 40
Angola 40
Nepal 40
Peru 38
Saudi Arabia 37
Panama 36
Ukraine 36
Marshall Islands 35
Bolivia 35
Kenya 34
Viet Nam 32
Honduras 31
Finland 31
Fiji 31
Namibia 30
Guyana 29
Cuba 29
Vanuatu 29
Tanzania 29
Costa Rica 29
Afghanistan 28
Denmark 28
Egypt 28
Burkina Faso 27
Ecuador 27
Kazakhstan 26
Sudan 26
Greenland 26
Yemen 26
Portugal 25
Congo, Republic of 24
Laos 24
South Korea 24
Mauritania 23
Nigeria 22
Taiwan 22
Zambia 22
Cote D’Ivoire 22
Guatemala 22
Central African Republic 22
Morocco 21
Sri Lanka 21
Kiribati 21
Somalia 20
Cameroon 20
Chad 19
Switzerland 19
Mongolia 19
Poland 18
Belgium 18
Ireland 18
Romania 18
Belize 17
Lesotho 17
Dominican Republic 17
Libya 17
Cambodia 16
Botswana 16
Iraq 16
Bangladesh 16
Liberia 15
New Caledonia 15
Suriname 15
Netherlands 14
Austria 14
Bulgaria 14
Zimbabwe 13
Senegal 13
Uruguay 13
Uganda 13
Mali 13
Israel 13
Paraguay 12
Czech Republic 11
Sierra Leone 11
Uzbekistan 11
Cape Verde 10
Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 10
United Arab Emirates 10
Oman 10
Greenland (Denmark) 10
Nicaragua 10
Guinea 10
Malawi 10
Many Others (not shown here)

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