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This is a huge Collection of General Knowledge and Trivia Quizzes containing 134,000+ questions and answers. The size of the trivia quizzes package is 5 megabyte zip file having 16 megabytes of excel spreadsheets when unzipped

Data Format:

The trivia quizzes package contains data in excel spreadsheets. Any other data format such as MS Access Database, SQL dump or TAB delimited text file is available on request.

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Download Collection of General Knowledge and Trivia QuizzesColumns in the Spreadsheet: 

  1. ID: Serial number
  2. Question: The trivia or quiz
  3. Ans01: Answer to the question
  4. Ans02 to Ans10: Alternate answers to the question (if any)

Sample Trivia Quizzes Data:

ID Question Ans01
37663 Methyphobia is the fear of alcohol
37673 Motorphobia is the fear of automobiles
49003 What does the acronym lan stand for local area network
49017 What does the name “Jesus” mean savior
49016 What does the medical abbreviation ‘g.p.’ stand for general practitioner
49031 What does worm mean when referring to worm drives write once read many
25801 What kind of creature is a mudskipper fish
25807 What kind of machine is built to be ‘booted’ computer
25786 What kind of animal has a tail pinned on it in a birthday party game donkey
33639 Small rectangular instrument played by blowing and sucking air through it harmonica
15528 In 1608 John———- , poet and puritan (Paradise Lost) born. milton
7769 Baby Names Beginning With “M”: Meaning: Solitary Life monisha
29965 Name The Year: Nelson Mandela begins a long jail term in South Africa. 1964
4321 Who once entered a Charlie Chaplin contest in Monte Carlo & placed third charlie chaplin
1934 TV/ Movies: Born Mar 10,1958, She starred in this movie: Last Action Hero – 1993 sharon stone
28675 Name The Year: USSR launches Luna 11 for orbit around Moon. 1966
40425 Sydney 2000 Olympics: How many GOLD medals were won by: China 28
49664 Who won the Best Director Oscar for the film “Gone with the Wind” victor fleming
49676 In the Harry Potter books, who or what is Hedwig harry’s pet owl
9840 This artist cut off his ear & sent it to his lover, before shooting himself dead in a cornfield vincent van gogh

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