Beautiful Baby Girl Names with Meanings, Origin and Variations

Web’s largest collection of baby girl names is compiled by eBusinessGems. This listing comprised of 25,000+ girl names with meanings, origin and variation of names. Some additional 15,000 variations of girl names are included in the database. There are hundreds of geographic or ethnic origins of the girl names in the database. The data is in MS Excel format. You can easily use the file as a baby girl name dictionary to finding a name for your cute little baby. The data is also ready to be published on your content web site or application. The following tables summarize various counts from the data.

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A-Z Girl Count
A-Z Count of Names
A 3019
B 1048
C 1781
D 1169
E 154
F 576
G 904
H 770
I 602
J 1152
K 1608
L 1381
M 2240
N 976
O 413
P 777
Q 64
R 985
S 1844
T 1048
U 195
V 513
W 206
X 59
Y 251
Z 375

Data Format:
The package contains data in MS Excel spreadsheet file format. Additional format such as CSV or Microsoft Access database format is available on request. Please send your request to

Data Columns:
The baby girl name database has the following information fields:

  1. A2Z: First character of the girl name
  2. Name: The baby girl name
  3. Origin: Geographical or ethnic origin of the name
  4. Gender: Girl or Both (if the name is applicable for both genders)
  5. Meaning: What does the girl name mean?
  6. Meaning2: Meaning of the name from alternative source (if available)
  7. Variations: Variations of the same name in different spellings (if applicable)

Sample Data:

A-Z Name Origin Gender Meaning Variations
A Abra Biblical Girl Mother Of Many
A Agrona Celtic Girl In mythology, the goddess of war and death Agronna, Agronia, Agrone
B Belinda English Girl Very beautiful. Belindah, Belynda, Balynda, Belienda, Bleiendah, Balyndah, Belyndah
C Candra Latin Girl One who is glowing
D Darina Czechoslovakian Girl Feminine of Darius; a Persian royal name.
D Deja French Girl One of remembrance Dayja, Dejah, Daejah, Daijia, Daija, Daijah, Deijah, Deija
J Jacey English Girl Based on the initials J.C. or an abbreviation of Jacinda.
N Nadda Arabic Girl A very generous woman Naddah, Nada, Nadah
N Nalina Indian Girl Lotus
R Rawnie English Girl An elegant lady Rawni, Rawny, Rawney, Rawnee, Rawnea
S Sine Irish Girl Praise
U Uela American Girl One who is devoted to God Uelah, Uella, Uellah
W Walda German Girl Ruler Waldah, Wallda, Walida, Waldine, Waldina, Waldyne, Waldyna, Welda
Z Zimria Hebrew Girl Praised

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