Database of 11,000+ Hospitals in India

This is a Database of Hospitals in India containing 11,000+ hospitals. The size of the package is 1 megabyte zip file having 3 megabytes of excel spreadsheets when unzipped.

Data Format: The package contains data in excel spreadsheets. Any other data format such as MS Access Database, SQL dump or TAB delimited text file is available on request. A small fee for data conversion may be applicable. Please send your request to [email protected]

Download Database of 11,000+ Hospitals in IndiaColumns in the Spreadsheet: 

  1. Hospital: Name of Hospital
  2. City: The City of the hospital
  3. PinNo: India PIN Code
  4. Address1: First address line
  5. Address2: Second address line
  6. TelNo1: First telephone no
  7. TelNo2: Second telephone no
  8. Fax: Fax number
  9. STDCode: India STD code
  10. Type: Type of hospital based on nature of treatment provided
  11. District: Name of district
  12. StateCode: Two character India state code
  13. State: Name of Indian state
  14. Zone: Which part of India – North, South, East or West

Note that the combination of Hospital, City and PinNo is unique in the database.

Sample Data:

Click on the following link to download a sample list of Indian hospitals from the database.

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