Download Free phpLD v3.x v4.x Category SQL Dump for Canada Provinces and Cities

This is a list of 1,700+ entries to categorize Canada provinces and cities to be used in a Php Link Directory (phpLD). The list is compatible with phpLD version 3.x to version 4.x. That is the list and associated SQL statements will work for all php Link Directory versions from 3.0 to 4.1, versions in between and beyond (that is version 4.x). The categories come in the form of SQL script. The script is ready to be run on any SQL browser or tool such as MySQL query browser.

The list of categories can be installed either as a new category structure of a new php link directory or to append category structure of an existing php link directory.

The SQL script is a set of SQL INSERT commands that will automatically create the category structure for your brand new phpLD directory. All you need is to load the script contents on to your tool (e.g. MySQL Query Browser) script window and execute. The detail loading or installation instruction is included in the package.

Data Format:

The Excel worksheet provided in the package is formula driven. The IDs of category can be started from 1 (for a new directory set up) or any sequence (to append the categories to an existing directory structure). It generates list as a set of SQL INSERT Command statements doing the following:

a) Insert records in the PLD_CATEGORY table
b) Instruction to insert a record in the PLD_CATEGORY_SEQ table

Data Columns:

The list inserts values in the following fields:
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Data Example:

INSERT INTO `PLD_CATEGORY` (`ID`, `TITLE`, `CACHE_TITLE`, `TITLE_URL`, `CACHE_URL`, `PARENT_ID`, `STATUS`, `META_KEYWORDS`) VALUES (57, 'Claresholm', 'Alberta: Claresholm', 'Claresholm', 'index.php?c=57', 2, 2, 'Claresholm');
INSERT INTO `PLD_CATEGORY` (`ID`, `TITLE`, `CACHE_TITLE`, `TITLE_URL`, `CACHE_URL`, `PARENT_ID`, `STATUS`, `META_KEYWORDS`) VALUES (58, 'Clive', 'Alberta: Clive', 'Clive', 'index.php?c=58', 2, 2, 'Clive');
INSERT INTO `PLD_CATEGORY` (`ID`, `TITLE`, `CACHE_TITLE`, `TITLE_URL`, `CACHE_URL`, `PARENT_ID`, `STATUS`, `META_KEYWORDS`) VALUES (59, 'Coaldale', 'Alberta: Coaldale', 'Coaldale', 'index.php?c=59', 2, 2, 'Coaldale');
INSERT INTO `PLD_CATEGORY` (`ID`, `TITLE`, `CACHE_TITLE`, `TITLE_URL`, `CACHE_URL`, `PARENT_ID`, `STATUS`, `META_KEYWORDS`) VALUES (60, 'Cold Lake', 'Alberta: Cold Lake', 'Cold_Lake', 'index.php?c=60', 2, 2, 'Cold Lake');


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