Stop Self Defeating Behaviors In 5 Steps

StopSelf defeating behaviors or SDB is defined as those that engage in a cycle of failures in attempts to fulfill something they want. Here are 5 steps which can help you rid yourself of these unfavorable characteristics. Stop asking yourself “Why am I like this?” Instead, ask yourself “How can I change? What can I do to move forward and create a new and positive aura and vibe? What is it about me that am causing this? Is there something wrong with me?”

Feeling fear? Self-concious? Feeling socially awkward? Have bad habits? This guide is for you:

Inside this guide, you’ll discover:
– Discover in 5 steps how to stop self-defeating behaviors.
– How to identify your self-defeating behavior.
– 3 case studies of people who have a self-defeating behavior.
– Understanding the origin of your self-defeating behavior.
– Plus much, much more!

Stop Self Defeating Behaviors In 5 StepsPlease visit the product page for more detail about this product: Stop Self Defeating Behaviors In 5 Steps

Data Structure:Introduction
Origins of Self-Defeating Behaviors
1. Identifying the Self-Defeating Behavior
2. Facing The Consequences
3. You Need To Understand The Origin of it All
4. Understanding Your Unfulfilled Needs
5. Overcoming your Self-Defeating Behavior
The Big Change
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3
Moving Forward

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Please visit the product page for more detail: Stop Self Defeating Behaviors In 5 Steps