Baby Names Database – 44,000+ Names with Meanings & Origins

This is a comprehensive 44,000+ baby names database with gender, meaning, and origin. There are 160+ geographic or ethnic origins of the names in the database. This baby names database – meanings and origin is the largest and unique collection of this kind on the web. The data is in TAB delimited format suitable to be exported in an excel spreadsheet. You can easily use the baby name database to finding a name for your sweet baby. The data is also ready to be published on your content web site or application. The following tables summarize various counts from the database.

Gender Count
Gender Gender Count
Boy 25867
Girl 18829
Unisex 119


A-Z Count
A-Z A-Z Count
A 5713
B 2860
C 3173
D 2566
E 2101
F 1384
G 1802
H 1651
I 903
J 1955
K 2248
L 1928
M 3290
N 1464
O 790
P 1386
Q 128
R 1967
S 2979
T 1847
U 281
V 790
W 756
X 62
Y 329
Z 462


Origin Count
Origin Origin Count
African 177
African-American 21
American 83
Anglo-Saxon 658
Arabic 670
Aramaic 49
Armenian 56
Arthurian Legend 371
Australian 12
Basque 90
Biblical 1596
Celtic 754
Chinese 88
Czechoslovakian 200
Danish 133
Dutch 148
Egyptian 364
English 6868
Finnish 73
French 2029
Gaelic 858
German 1621
Greek 2574
Hawaiian 172
Hebrew 2232
Hindi 297
Hindu 23
Hungarian 227
Indian 5400
Irish 1843
Israeli 42
Italian 584
Japanese 133
Korean 15
Latin 3148
Maori 33
Muslim 2200
Native American 578
Norse 894
Persian 141
Polish 295
Polynesian 31
Portuguese 47
Russian 431
Sanskrit 63
Scandanavian 396
Scottish 907
Shakespearean 634
Slavic 165
Spanish 1246
Swedish 393
Teutonic 1196
Turkish 12
Ukrainian 55
Unknown 338
Vietnamese 21
Welsh 921
Yiddish 27

Data Format:

The baby names database package contains data in tab delimited text file format. Additional format such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access database format is available on request. Please send your request to [email protected]

Data Columns:

The baby names database has the following information fields:

  1. A2Z: First character of the name.
  2. Name: The baby name.
  3. Origin: Geographical or ethnic origin of the name.
  4. Gender: Boy, girl or unisex.
  5. Meaning: What does the name mean?

Data Example (in TAB delimited format):

Sample Baby Names
A2Z Name Origin Gender Meaning
A Adhamh Gaelic Boy Gaelic form of Adam.
A Adhamh Hebrew Boy Son of Adam: Man of the red earth.
A Adhamh Irish Boy Of the earth
A Adhamh Scottish Boy Of the earth
A Adhamhnan Irish Boy Variant of Adamnan: Little Adam.
A Adharma Indian Boy Lawless.
A Adheesha Hindi Boy King.
A Adhelle Teutonic Girl Lovely or happy.
A Adhideva Hindi Boy The supreme god.
A Adhik Indian Boy Greater
S Shomili Indian Girl Elegant and Beautiful
S Shon Gaelic Girl Feminine form of John: God is gracious.
S Shonn Irish Boy Variant of John from Sean.
S Shoorsen Indian Boy Brave
S Shophach Biblical Boy Pouring out.
S Shorashi Indian Girl Young woman
S Shoshana Spanish Girl Lily


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