Geography Trivia Quizzes: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

GeographyCollection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and answers on Geography

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This is a comprehensive collection of Multiple Choice Questions and answers on common aspects of Geography. The collection is comprised of over 6000 trivia and quizzes categrised into various topics. The data is available in CSV and MS Excel format.

MCQs are categorised into follwoing topics (listed in alphabetical order):

Australian State
Countries in Africa
Countries in Arctic/Other Region
Countries in Asia
Countries in Central America
Countries in Commonwealth
Countries in Europe
Countries in Middle East
Countries in North America
Countries in Oceania
Countries in South America
Countries in Southeast Asia
Famous Landmark
Geographical Feature
Geographical Term
National Animal
National Bird
National Dances
National Flower
National Fruit
National Sports
National Tree
US State
Water Body

The database can be used for personal project; learning or research purpose; or as content for application, blog or website.

Data Structure:

Column Description Field Length
Subject Subject of the MCQ collection – in this case it is “”Geography”” Charactre (50)
QCategory Category or topics of the question/answer Charactre (50)
Question The Question Charactre (255)
ChoiceA 1st Choice for a possible answer Charactre (40)
ChoiceB 2nd Choice for a possible answer Charactre (40)
ChoiceA 3rd Choice for a possible answer Charactre (40)
ChoiceB 4th Choice for a possible answer Charactre (40)
Answer Correct answer Charactre (40)
AnsCol Position of the column with correct answer (A, B, C or D) Charactre (1)


More than 6,000 MCQ questions on Geography

Sample Records:

Subject QCategory Question ChoiceA ChoiceB ChoiceC ChoiceD Answer AnsCol
Geography Airline The only national airline that has never had a crash nor a forced landing. Lufthansa Air Canada Jet Blue qantas qantas D
Geography City Which city is on the east coast of australia houston toronto sydney bombay sydney C
Geography City According to the proverb which city was not built in a day cordova rome pasadena prague rome B
Geography City In which city is the Alhambra Palace tomsk granada cape town mycenae granada B
Geography Country What country has the highest population density england Peru dominican republic monaco monaco D
Geography Country What country is the island of Sicily part of uruguay italy czechoslovakia persia italy B
Geography Country In which country was the Rosetta stone found egypt belarus nauru ireland egypt A
Geography Country Marco Polo travelled to the Tatar Empire, what is it now called montenegro french polynesia uruguay china china D
Geography Country Paper money was first used in algeria china philippines south africa china B
Geography Famous Landmark Famous Landmark ‘Lotus Temple’ is located in which Country Saudi Arabia China India Holland India C
Geography Famous Landmark Famous Landmark ‘Niagara Falls’ is located in which Country Norway Canada and USA Ecuador South Africa Canada and USA B
Geography Geographical Feature Any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Island Crust Monadnock Beach Island A
Geography Geographical Term What geographic term describes a hill with sharply sloping sides & a flat top Demography Grid butte Taiga butte C
Geography Geographical Term The height of a point on the Earth’s surface with respect to sea level. Elevation Region biodiversity Water Pollution Elevation A
Geography National Dances National Dances of which Country are: Troika, Barynya, Trepak Canada Congo Morocco Russia Russia D
Geography Places Where is mount rushmore california las vegas south dakota st pauls cathedral south dakota C
Geography US State Which us state is known as the “”golden state””? vermont colorado new jersey california california D
Geography Volcano The Volcano ‘Acotango’ situated at which place? United States Mariana Islands N. Chile Bolivia and Argentina Mars Eastern Pacific Ocean N. Chile Bolivia and Argentina B
Geography Water Body In which body of water is Haiti persian gulf caspian sea caribbean sea pacific ocean caribbean sea C

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Data Format:
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Format Details:
The data is availbale in CSV and Spreadsheet (MS Excel 2007) format. Other format may be available on request.

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Please visit the product page for more detail: Geography Trivia Quizzes: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)