Germany Cities and Places Database with Latitude and Longitude

This is a complete Germany Cities and Places Database with Latitude and Longitude containing 70,000+ cities and places of Germany. The size of the package is 1 megabyte zip file having 11 megabytes of SQL dumps when unzipped. The data is ready to be published on your content web site or application.

Data Format: The package contains data as SQL dump file. SQL Dump file is a script file that can be readily executed from a SQL query tool such as MySQL query browser. The script will create required tables and populate with cities data. Any other data format is available on request.

You can request a comma delimited text (CSV) file or TAB delimited text file free of charge for this package. These text files can be readily imported in Microsoft Access or MS Excel. Although Excel 2003 has limitation regarding number of records in one worksheet (65,535) you can split the CSV or TAB  text files into several parts and import into excel worksheets. However, Excel 2007 or 2010 is able to import the text file in one go.

Additional format such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access database is available on request. A small fee for data conversion may be applicable. Please send your request to [email protected]

Tables and Columns: The file “world-city-database-regions.sql” should be run first in order to create the tables and all entries but the cities. Subsequently run “germany-cities.sql” script to create the entries in CITIES table. The first script will create 4 tables namely CONTINENTS, COUNTRIES, REGIONS and CITIES. If you want you can just create CITIES table (as you are interested in only GERMAN cities you may not need all the country and region names) and delete all other table definitions.

CITIES table use country codes and region codes that are defined in COUNTRIES and REGIONS table. Also, if you keep these extra table definitions in your database you will be able to extend your database in future with records of other countries and cities available from this site. Definitions of all the tables are described below:

Fields in the Table CITIES:

  1. CityID: City identification number
  2. ISO2: Two character ISO country codeDownload Germany Cities and Places Database with Latitude and Longitude
  3. RC: Two character region code
  4. City: Name of the city
  5. AccentCity: Accented name of the city
  6. Latitude: Latitude of the city
  7. Longitude: Longitude of the city

Fields in the Table CONTINENTS:

There is a single field named [Continent] in this table. Actually the table contains name of the continents as well some mapping reference zones.

Fields in the Table COUNTRIES:

  1. ISO2: Two character ISO country code
  2. FIPS104: Two character FIPS country code
  3. ISO3: Three character ISO country code
  4. ISON: Numeric ISO country code
  5. TLD: Top level Internet domain name for the country
  6. Country: Name of the country
  7. Continent: Continent or reference zone
  8. Capital: Capital of the country
  9. NationalitySingular: Nationality (singular form)
  10. NationalityPlural: Nationality (plural form)
  11. Currency: Currency of the country
  12. CurrencyCode: Three character currency code
  13. Population: Population of the country

Fields in the Table REGIONS:

  1. ISO2: Two character ISO country code
  2. RC: Two character region code
  3. Region: Name of the region of the country

The corresponding SQL command, for example, in the dump file to create CITIES table is:

`RC` VARCHAR(2),[download prod_url='”” target=”_blank”‘ prod_title=’Germany Cities and Places Database with Latitude and Longitude’]
`City` VARCHAR(100),
`AccentCity` VARCHAR(100),
`Latitude` DOUBLE NULL,
`Longitude` DOUBLE NULL,

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