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ActiveLinks is a website URL checker utility developed by The utility crawls a list of loaded URLs and identifies those URLs which are active. This simple yet powerful functionality is very helpful for webmasters and SEO professionals who are dealing with online marketing, especially website submission and promotion.

If you have lists of hundreds or thousands of websites, where you promote your online presence you need a way to validate the list and separate the active sites from the inactive ones. Web is a very dynamic space. New websites born and some of the old ones die everyday, even though some of the dead ones were once popular. This is a everyday phenomena on the net.

As a web master or web marketeer you must maintain a number of website lists as part of your website promotion campaign. Lists that you may maintain can be list of website submission directories, article sites, ad posting sites, social bookmarking sites, search engines, software downloading sites, forums, blogs, press release distributions sites and so on.

To keep your lists updated and active you definitely need a tool that automatically filters out inactive ones and create lists with active sites only. This way you can save your time and concentrate only on the active sites for your website promotion.

ActiveLinks URL Checker is the tool that does exactly this. As the name suggests, it help creates an updated list with all the active linksĀ  from a old list. The best part is that ActiveLists URL Checker is a Freeware windows software. It requires .NET framework 2.0 or later on your PC. Add to cart and download ActiveLinks URL Checker from the eBusinessGems shopping catalog.

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