Download Free Animated Wallpaper with Relaxing Background Music

“Lotus Pond” is a colorful animated wallpaper for windows xp/vista/7. Droplets of drizzling rain are creating tiny waves in the crystal clean water. Grasses at the pond side are waving gently in the breezes. Green Lotus leaves will not only please your eyes but also help release eye-stresses. Mercury like silver water droplets are gently rolling over the lotus leaves. Happily roaming around in the pond are the cute little fishes some times being curiously examined by butterflies flying restlessly over the surface of the water or the waving grasses. The lotus pond is lively, charming, and beautiful. Last but not least, enjoy the soothing and relaxing background music with calming natural beauty, relieve yourself from work and stress for a while. Don’t you want to hear some chirping of birds also with such a stage setting?

Free Animated Wallpaper with Relaxing Background Music - Lotus Pond

Now here is the big surprise for you that it is an absolute freeware. Indeed, Lotus Pond Animated Wallpaper with Relaxing Background Music is completely free for life-time usage without any nagging screen, banner-ad or on-screen website links. This is silent and clam as the nature it depicts. So just relax and enjoy!


Installation is very easy. Just unzip the file. To run it, double click on the exe file. You will see an icon on the status bar. Right click on the icon and choose Configuration… to set various options. To exit the wallpaper also right click on the status bar icon and choose exit from the menu.
Free Animated Wallpaper with Relaxing Background Music - Lotus Pond
From the configuration dialog you can optionally stretch/zoom wallpaper, mute/un-mute background music, adjust the volume of background music, choose start up settings, select execution priority, etc.

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