Marketing your Business Requires this List of 100 Press Release Distribution Sites

List of 100 Press Release Distribution Sites

Effective press release distribution is key to spreading the word. A press release, when leveraged properly, can be a highly effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. With the power and ubiquity of the Internet, a press release opens up a whole new world of branding/marketing opportunities to businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, if you know how to appropriately craft one yourself, it costs you nothing.

Once you have developed your press release and had it checked for clarity and grammar, post it for free at one or more of the sites listed in this package to gain wide-spread visibility to clients, prospects, investors and more. offering you a comprehensive list of 100+ press release distribution sites in which you can submit your business press release. Most of the sites listed offer free listing. This is the best list of press release submission sites on the web.

The list also contains some additional 20+ sites that are currently either inactive or not suitable or problematic for submission. The inactive list will save your time wasted in unnecessarily browsing inactive sites.

Data Format

The package contains list in the following file formats:
a) Excel Spreadsheet (compatible with Microsoft Excel 97-2003)
b) CSV file

You will get the following files

PR Distribution Sites – Active.xls
PR Distribution Sites – Active.csv
PR Distribution Sites – Inactive.xls
PR Distribution Sites – Inactive.txt

Data Columns

The active distribution site list has the following information fields:

1. PR Distribution Site URL : Website address of the article directory.
2. Submit Page URL : Press release submission page address
3. Free ? : Whether the site accepts free submission or not. Usually press release distribution sites accept free submissions.
4. Reciprocal ? : Whether a reciprocal link is required for a free submission.
5. Paid ? : Whether site offers paid submission as well.
6. Captcha ? : Whether or not captcha or code verification is required during submission.
7. Google PageRank : Google Page Rank of the press release distribution sites

Please note that some fields may be left blank in some of the records.

Data Example

PR Distribution Site URL, Submit Page URL, Free?, Reciprocal?, Paid?, Captcha?, Google PageRank,,Y,,Y,,5,,Y,N,Y,,5,,,,,,


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