Sports Directory 2.x to 4.x Phpld Category SQL Dump

7700+ Sports Directory 2.x to 4.x Phpld Category Dump is a huge list of 7700+ categories for niche Sports directory for php Link Directory (phpld) script . The list is compatible with phpld version 2.x to version 4.x. That is the list and associated SQL statements will work for all php Link Directory versions from 2.0 to 4.1, versions in between and beyond (that is version 4.x).

The categories come in the form of SQL script commonly known as phpld category sql dump. The script is ready to be run on any SQL browser or tool such as MySQL query browser. You will also get an Excel file having all the Sports category information for you to modify or create your own unique Sports directory. Below is the first level of category structure for the Sports web directory:
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First Level Categories
of the Sports
Category and
Badminton 36
Baseball 423
Basketball 379
Bowling 101
Boxing 21
Business 33
Cheerleading 65
College and University 84
Cricket 82
Croquet 17
Cue Sports 30
Cycling 199
Darts 60
Disabled 40
Equestrian 667
Events 86
Extreme Sports 13
Fantasy 49
Fencing 99
Flying Discs 32
Football 466
Gaelic 60
Games 402
Golf 200
Greyhound Racing 15
Gymnastics 99
Hockey 147
Kids and Teens 106
Lacrosse 67
Laser Games 14
Martial Arts 302
Motorsports 244
Multi-Sports 38
Netball 15
Paintball 153
Rodeo 32
Running 120
Skateboarding 57
Skating 171
Soccer 496
Society 65
Softball 72
Sports A to Z 26
Sports Information 112
Sports Others 198
Sports Shopping 398
Strength Sports 89
Table Tennis 9
Team Handball 23
Tennis 232
Track and Field 226
Volleyball 107
Water Sports 259
Winter Sports 85
Wrestling 78

If you do not see some of the sports in the first level, do not worry, those are surely there in the second level of the “Sports Others” category. Also there is a “Sports A-Z” category for all the sports to be classified if missed out (in rare ocassion) in the first or second levels. “Sports Information” is a general category to publish sports related resources.

The SQL script is a set of SQL INSERT commands that will automatically create the category structure for your brand new phpld directory. All you need is to load the script contents on to your tool (e.g. MySQL QueryBrowser) script window and execute. The detail loading or installation instruction is included in the pakage.

This category dump is FOUR LEVELS deep and based on many premier Sports directory categories including dmoz Sports categories. This list is compiled to create a comprehensive Sports directory on the web. Number of categories in each levels are:

1st Level – 50+ Categories
2nd Level – 990+ Categories
3rd Level – 2400+ Categories
4th Level – 4260+ Categories
Total 7700+ Categories

Each successive upper level is optional. For example if you want your directory to be setup only three levels deep you simply do not install 4th and 5th-level SQL script file (cat-level-4.sql and cat-level-5.sql).

Data Format:
The package contains list as a set of SQL INSERT Command statements doing the following:
a) Insert records in the PLD_CATEGORY table
b) Instruction to insert a record in the PLD_CATEGORY_SEQ table

Also included in this package is an Excel file containing the list of all categories and subcategries along with ID and PARENT ID. If you want to modify, append or create your own unique Sports catgory list this excel file is a must for you.

Data Example:
INSERT INTO `PLD_CATEGORY` (`ID`,`TITLE`,`TITLE_URL`,`PARENT_ID`,`STATUS`) VALUES (462,’Basketball’,’Basketball’,0,2);

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