How Dog Names Database can Help you Pick a Name for your Puppy?

The Bear Dog.
Image via Wikipedia

Our newest product is a dog name database. Well 14,000 dog names in it is huge. But choosing a cute name for your pretty puppy is not an easy task. Our dog names database is organized to help you find a suitable name for your dog without much efforts. You can decide a name based on a dog’s origin, appearance, gender etc. You can even choose a name based on other interesting aspects, for example a name of a dog character in a movie or television drama or a name based on it’s characteristics.

The makers of “Pluto the dog” claim the name has nothing to do with the planet, but it is still questionable. What is known is that “Pluto the dog” first got his name from the Disney cartoon on May 18, 1931 called The Moose Hunt, where he is called “Pluto the Pup”.

The dog names database will let you know which name is associated with what source.  Isn’t it great to know beforehand? Otherwise, if yours is a moody one you may face attitude like – how dare you call me Rover?

The database has dog names from various geographical origins. For example you can choose dog names usually used in a particular region. The list includes but not limited to the following:

African dog names, American dog names, Arabic dog names, Aramaic dog names, Celtic dog names, Chinese dog names, Cornish dog names, Dutch dog names, English dog names, Fashion dog names, French dog names, Gaelic dog names, German dog names, Greek dog names, Hawaiian dog names, Hebrew dog names, Hindu dog names, Hungarian dog names, Indian dog names, Irish dog names, Italian dog names, Japanese dog names, Latin dog names, Norwegian dog names, Persian dog names, Polish dog names, Russian dog names, Sanskrit dog names, Scottish dog names, Slavonic dog names, Spanish dog names, Swahili dog names, Thai dog names, Titles dog names, Vietnamese dog names, Welsh dog names, Yiddish dog names

The database comes in Microsoft excel spreadsheet format. If you want to have it in any other format just send us your request to [email protected] and we will be happy to provide you the data in that format.

So Download it now! You can also download Cute Female Dog Names – Database of 9,000 Girl Dog Names. Choose an appropriate dog name from any of these databases and let us know whether your puppy is happy or not 🙂

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