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Baby Names Database – 44,000+ Names with Meanings & Origins

This is a comprehensive 44,000+ baby names database with gender, meaning, and origin. There are 160+ geographic or ethnic origins of the names in the database. This

How Dog Names Database can Help you Pick a Name for your Puppy?

Our newest product is a dog name database. Well 14,000 dog names in it is huge. But choosing a cute name for your pretty puppy is not an easy task. Our dog names database is organized to help you find a suitable name for your dog without much efforts. You can decide a name based on Read More

Pretty Puppy Names – Database of 14,000 Dog Names

Pretty puppy names Рis a large collection of dog names. This is a comprehensive list of some 14,000+ entries that includes 5,000+ names for boy puppies, 6,000+ for girls, and 3,000+ for both genders. The list is a unique collection of dog names of its kind on the web. So selecting a suitable name for Read More