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eBusinessGems Provides Readymade Databases to Sourcing your Website Content

Readymade databases can provide dynamic data for your content rich website. Visitors are always looking for information from such websites. Websites providing huge searchable contents can be capitalized by marketing your own products and services or simply earning money from online advertisements such as Google Adsense. Collecting such readymade database which is comprehensive and accurate is always a challenging task. eBusinessgems.com is very resourceful in this regard. Our catalog of database resources will enabling you to own such an website.

This Day in History of USA – Database of 20,000 Events

This is a comprehensive list of some 20,000 historical facts of United States of America (USA) that includes 10,500+ historical events, 7,500+ births, and 1,500+ deaths. The list is the largest and unique collection of its kind on the web. The data is ready to be published on your content web site or application. The Read More

How Dog Names Database can Help you Pick a Name for your Puppy?

Our newest product is a dog name database. Well 14,000 dog names in it is huge. But choosing a cute name for your pretty puppy is not an easy task. Our dog names database is organized to help you find a suitable name for your dog without much efforts. You can decide a name based on Read More