Pretty Puppy Names – Database of 14,000 Dog Names

Pretty puppy names – is a large collection of dog names. This is a comprehensive list of some 14,000+ entries that includes 5,000+ names for boy puppies, 6,000+ for girls, and 3,000+ for both genders. The list is a unique collection of dog names of its kind on the web. So selecting a suitable name for your puppy is now easy. The data is ready to be published on your content web site or application. The following table summarizes the various statistics about the database:

Download Pretty Puppy Names - Database of 14,000 Dog Names

A-Z Count
A2Z Count Of Names
A 1126
B 1061
C 1104
D 718
E 418
F 411
G 514
H 479
I 196
J 521
K 728
L 532
M 1163
N 456
O 247
P 703
Q 71
R 651
S 1548
T 886
U 120
V 261
W 274
X 46
Y 187
Z 282
Origin Count
Origin Count Of Names
African 154
Arabic 304
Aramaic 26
Celtic 77
Chinese 43
Cornish 11
Dutch 10
English 1066
French 257
Gaelic 418
German 186
Germanic 383
Greek 878
Hawaiian 59
Hebrew 1024
Hindu 346
Hungarian 13
Indian 252
Irish 17
Italian 70
Japanese 216
Latin 696
Literary 17
Middle English 13
Movies and TV 309
Miscellaneous 4000
Native American 126
Nature 218
Nicknames 361
Norse 82
Norwegian 17
Old English 162
Old French 39
Old German 27
Persian 40
Personality 393
Places 147
Polish 16
Religious 61
Russian 31
Sanskrit 442
Scottish 16
Slavonic 11
Spanish 129
Sports 18
Swahili 36
Thai 11
Titles 104
Vietnamese 33
Welsh 101
Yiddish 12

Sometimes names for dogs can be based upon certain types of features that it exhibits. For example if you have an affectionate puppy you may wish to name it Champ. You can pay close attention to their personality, geographical origin, appearance, etc. If your puppy is very delicate and picky, for example, you may want to name it Princess or if her appearance is brown you may name it Cookie. This database will help you to quickly pick a name for your puppy based on such characteristics.

Data Format:
The package contains data in Microsoft Excel format. Additional format such as TAB delimited text, CSV, Microsoft Access database format, etc. is available on request. Please send your request to [email protected] if you need data in any of those format.

Data Columns:
The list has the following information fields:

  1. A2Z: First character of the name.
  2. Name: Dog name.
  3. Origin: Geographical or other origin.
  4. Gender: Boy, Girl or whether applicable for both.
  5. Meaning: Meaning of the name.

Data Example:


A2Z Name Origin Gender Meaning
B Branka Slovak Girl Defending or protecting glory
B Brea Gaelic Girl Noble, strong, virtuous
B Brinda Sanskrit Girl Surrounded by many
C Calida Greek Girl Most beautiful
C Calliope Greek Girl Beautiful voice
C Caoimhe Gaelic Girl Gentleness
I Imala Native American Girl One who enforces discipline
M Mandeep Sanskrit Girl Praised for his intelligence
M Marek Latin Boy or Girl From the god Mars
S Sigourney English Girl Triumphant conquerer
U Udaya Sanskrit Girl Rising sun
Y Yamilex Arabic Girl Beautiful

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